Thursday Question

Today is Thursday. Today is Thursday. Thursday. Thursday. What a happy day!

I got used to starting my day with that song. Though, in real life, it had never been always a happy day every day. There were bad days which I'm thankful I had been able to survive in one piece.

I love watching Soulpancake videos. Here's my pick for the day:

Two strangers were invited to meet in a sandbox, where there are scattered bottles with papers in it, written are questions they had to discuss with each other. 

Since it's Throwback Thursday, let's take time to go back in time, not to look at what happened in the past but to talk about things you wish you knew when you were younger.


What are three things you wish you knew when you were younger?

1. I wish I knew when I was younger that all I have to be is  "MASIPAG" always. No room for "KATAMARAN".

2. I wish I knew when I was younger how to play the piano and I wish had taken serious intention in learning how to play the guitar. I just learned from YouTube and for fun.

3. I wish I knew when I was younger that I should never ever learn to love cats or any furball :( Hugging them and being near them would mean allergy---my eyes and nose would start to itch and I will sneeze unceasingly until my eyes are swollen red, my nose tomato-red :( huhu.. Who doesn't love any cute creature?! Tell me please. 

How about you? What are three things you wish you knew when you were younger?


  1. wow! soulpancake :)
    nakakarelax at nakaka-inspire ang mga videos ng soulpancake!

    gusto ko yung sinabi ng babae about sa pagiging 'positive'
    just imagine nga naman kung gaano kasarap mabuhay sa mundong puno ng 'good vibes' :)

    What are three things you wish you knew when you were younger?

    1. Na sana alam ko na noon na hindi lang grades sa school ang mahalaga. Nakapaglaro sana ako at nainvolve sa sports at na-experience ang magpasaway kahit kaunti lols.

    2. Na hindi naman pala nakakatakot ang lumabas sa iyong comfort zone :) kahit hindi man madalas.

    3. Na okay lang pala ang hindi maging honor student. Na-pursue ko sana yung mga mas interesado akong gawin kaysa puro school works lang :)

    hay... :)

  2. Agree ako sa number 1 and 2; parehas tayo! *hahaha*

  3. Like you, I've been following SoulPancake channel. I also use their videos and feature them in my blog. They are just bunch of inspiring people.

    In our life, we always has this feeling of wishing we could have done this and could have done that. Hoping that if we could turn back time, we could shift to something else rather than what we had encountered. But, we cannot just bring back old times - it's impossible. So, I rest myself in the idea that everything that happens in our life has a reason behind it. Sometimes, we see them quickly, sometimes it takes us longer period before we can decipher what the situation is trying to teach us. Well, that's life - let's live it one day at a time and with a blast.


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