Thursday Hugot Feels

Quotes from three of the books I’ve read early this year.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom
…. That holding on to things “will only break your heart”

Sometimes, when you are not getting the love you want, giving makes you think you will.

But common sense has no place in first love and never has…

It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be.

The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom

… the pain we suffer is a way to make us appreciate what comes next…

There is a time for hello and a time for goodbye. It’s why the act of burying things seems natural, but the act of digging them up does not.

People do stupid things when they are tired.

Love.. You are born in it… you return to it.

What is false about hope?

If you find one true friend in your life, you’re richer than the most. If that one true friend is you husband, you’re blessed.

Desire sets our compass, but real life steers our course.

Every Day by David Levithan

Fair enough. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Let’s end today on a nice note.

I wake up thinking of yesterday. The joy is in remembering; the pain is in knowing it was yesterday.

Kindness connects to who are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.

There are many things that can keep you in a relationship. …. Fear of being alone. Fear of disrupting the arrangement of your life. A decision to settle through with that’s okay, because you don’t know if you can get any better. Or maybe there’s the irrational belief that it will get better, even if you know he wont change.

There will always be questions. Every answers leads to more questions. The only way to survive is to let some of them go.

No past. No future. Just present. Give it a chance.

When first love ends, most people eventually know there will be more to come. They are not through with love. Love is not through with them. It will never be the same as the first, but it will be better in different ways.


  1. ay ay sshooootttttt pooottt paaaakkk lalim ng pinaghuhugatan ha! may pinagdadaanan? pagusapan! kape kape! hahahaha

    wwwwwoooottt ang mga ganyang banat ehhh hahahaha

    ang galing ni mitch albom ang lalim humogot hahaha

    ganda din yong the five people u meet in heaven

    1. ok din yun.. i had been wanting to do a list of five people i want to meet in heaven din.. hehe

      Oo, pumunta ka na dito at papakapehin kita :D

  2. Ang bigat sa dibdib ng mga quotes na ito... pero mas napaisip ako dito..."It’s why the act of burying things seems natural, but the act of digging them up does not."

    Andon na ko sa intention of burrying things eh, pero pagdating don sa actual na ibabaon mo na para makalimot, saka ka magbaback out... hanggang di mo na magawa... siguro nga tama yong quote, kasi malamang sa alamang... kung matuloy yong act of burying... baka the following day, hinukay ko na ulit hahaha

    1. We all have different coping mechanisms in accepting realities and hurtful moments in our past. Usually, they might look weird for some people. Eventually, we will have to totally let go :D :D

      Kuya Mar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nasan na yung Pipe Dream Series. Mej bitin eh. :P

  3. I've read all of them. *oooh* The feels... They're coming back...

    1. Nakakapatigil ng pagbabasa at nakakapagpa-isip at nakakapabuntong-hininga :D

  4. PArang gusto ko basahin yung the first phone call from heaven.
    Mautusan nga ang ate ko na bumili niyan , pera niya. hahahha :)

    1. Lol. Oo, bilang ikaw ay humhanap ng iyong bagong destiny! Hahaha

  5. winner talaga ng books..minsan ma-stumble ka sa isang phrase, sentence, stroy na mapapa "ahh!" ka sabay atching. Char! Mapapa ahh ka kasi relate na relate :)

    1. Hahaha.... True sa second ahhh.. Hehehe.

  6. Buti ka pa marami ka na nabasang libro cher Kat :)

    Sakto umuulan-ulan pa naman ngayon kaya feel na feel ko ang mga linyang nababasa ko. Parang sa pelikula lang habang nagna-narrate ang isang karakter o bida. :)

    1. Haha. Magawa nga yan sa susunod. Lalagyan ko na ng voice over. Lol..
      Naku kung makita mo ang side ng bed ko, dami pang pending, wahehehe..

  7. Hmmm... what's the deal ba with Mitch Albom and almost everybody else is raving about his books? Insipirational ba genre niya o yung tipong parang self-help book?

    1. Hmm.... Inspiritational at pwede syang basahin in one sitting lang. Hehe..

  8. mitch albom ftw. will read timekeeper ververy soon pag tapos ko na game of thrones. :)

  9. ay hasthtag may pinagdadaanan? hehe

    bet kong basahin ang everyday ni levithaaaan!


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