Kiddie Love Problems and Gender Issues

Sa kubo habang ang mga bata ay nakapila galing sa CR

John: Cher Crush daw po ni Oliver si Leann
Oliver: Hala. Inaano kita.
John Rex: (Umiiling habang nagkakamot ng ulo) Akin yun eh! Tsk. Inaagawan ako.
McLaine: Buti na lang ako walang kaagaw kay Jaylin.

Cher Ja: Anong naramdaman mo na naagawan ka?
JR: Ang sakit Cher! (With matching pounding of the chest with the left hand)

Me: Bakit kayo pinalabas ni teacher?
Girl: Kasi po nagsakalan kami.
Boy: Eh sya naman poo nanguna.
Me: Bakit nga?
Boy: Kasi po tinawag nya kong Nashyboy.
Me: Eh boy ka naman talaga ha.
Boy: (No Response)

This boy also puts Nancy on his First Name on test papers.
Like this: Nancy (First Name) (Last Name)


Thank you Kiddielets. You never know how much fun you bring to my day. When I am with you, all my sadness seems to fly away.

Today is The National Day of Mourning for the SAF Fallen 44.I may not know them but my heart is with the families they have left behind. It is very very hard losing somebody you love so much. The only consolation they get is the fact that they died as heroes. This nation had lost 44 brave countrymen who pledged to protect every Filipino. May justice be served. 
May the President also show more sympathy and be more sincere with whatever he is saying. As my sister-in-law said "na-sense ng tearducts ko na walang kwenta yung mga pinagsaaabi nya. Umurong ang luha ko." 

It's Friday, hopefully I get to have a good sleep.

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  1. Sending my prayers to the families of the departed. I hope for a better country because it is the only one we have. Buti pa ang mga kiddielets, may lovelife.

    1. It was really a big loss for the entire nation. :( Sad to say, they died because of selfish people.

      Hahaha. Di ko alam kung san nila yan natutunan!! Di namn yan kasama sa curriculum. Lol

  2. lol
    Pabata ng pabata ang mga lumalandi ah.

    1. ah eh... hindi ko alam kung bakit.. lels... crush lang nman daw :P

  3. hahaha, nancy (first name)(last name). sana kaya kong gawin yun nung bata pa ako wahaha..miss you baby kat!

    1. hahha.. hindi bagay sayo ang nancy!!! hahaha.. Miss you too Markybaby! I wish we can still hangout just like before...

  4. Replies
    1. Bakit nga po ba ganito na kaaga ang usapang lablayp sir ops? Hehehe


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