Flowers on a Thursday


It was supposed to be an ordinary Thursday. Thursday being my favorite day makes it a wonderful day.

I came extra early to school. Though I was feelong a bit dizzy and my stomach felt a bit bad because I drank coffee and took my vitamins without eating normal breakfast. I haven't cooked anything since the weekend and had been reliant on what is prepared in school. i had fough the urge of eating at a fastfood chain except for a cup of hot chocolate at Jollibee.

It was the fourth day of taking care of a class because their teacher-adviser is not around due to some contest training. The kids had been a routine and as I was prepping for my daily task at the teacher's table at the back, my co-fellow told me that I had left something at the gate and that I if I have time I should claim it soon.

I was a bit puzzled, thinking what kind of stuff had I left or dropped in school. I can't remember any of my things missing. Since I am free, I decided to visit the guard's station to ask for my things only to be surprised when the guard smilingly handed me a bouquet of flowers!

Imagine my surprise!

A big bouquet of flowers!!!

Two dozen of roses! 23 whites and a big red rose at the center of it.

On the note it only say:
To: Kat
From: JP

Good morning!
If you have time, please check your email after work.

I had to ask Manong Guard if it was really for me.
He asked, "Teacher Kat daw po, eh. Grade 3 kayo diba?
I said, " Opo, sigurado po ba kayo? Baka po kasi hindi lang ako ang Kat dito."

But he said it was really meant for me. A guy dropped it off very early that day. I came to school around 5:45 it was still dark and the person who brought it must have really been up early to come to school.

I only know a couple of JPs as far as I can remember. But none of them I think would ever thought of sending me flowers. The flowers brought so much good vibes that on my way back to the classroom, one parent handed me a styrofoam with delicious spaghetti and a small soda and a small side table plastic red roses. I am having so much fun receiving gifts that day. I couldn't wipe off the smile on my face. I couldn't hide my "kilig". My co-fellows had been so kilig as well that they even taught the kids to ask me, " Teacher Kat, kinikilig ba?" then I jusg start to giggle. The older teachers had to go up to my classroom and look for the flowers. Asking so many questions.

I waited for the email and it finally arrived early that night. The flowers came from one of my facebook friends whom I had never met in person. He sent his message via a 4-minute voice clip in which he even sang a song. He is somebody I met through an online chat system awhile back. He would every now and drop me messages on facebook. That was our mere connection and I am really surprised when I found out it was him who sent me the flowers.

My heart swells with so much gratefulness! I keep asking myself, what have I done to deserve such surprise! I was speechless for a little while. I was on Skype with my sister and my mom but I wasn' t focused so I decided to just end the conversation. Yeah, I know my sister was excited about it but I was simply lost for words. Definitely, I will make time to share the whole story later this evening.

I am just so grateful and kilig! Sobra-sobra! Not every girl would receive flowers. But for me, this year, this is my second time receiving a bouquet of flowers. Really makes my mood and my day so bright.

How could I thank JP enough? I really don't know how!

All I can say is "Thank you. Your gesture made me feel so special. Happy Valentine's Day!"

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  1. I saw your link through Miss N's blog.

    Naintriga ako. Eh, sino si JP? Kailangang matuklasan ko. Dapat may part 2 itong post mo.

    1. Hahaha.. He was someone I met via online chatting when I was still an active chatter... We are also facebook friends but never really had the chance to meet in person... :)

    2. I hope you guys meet soon.

  2. Uh, maybe you could go out on a date with him? If ever niyaya ka man niya. lol

    Anyway, ang sweet naman niya. Kilig! :)

  3. May post na kaagad. The raw feeling and emotion at that time you were writing this showed well when I was reading it. Devoid of edits, it was heartfelt. I am happy for now you can smile, and hopefully your days will be filled with more happiness. Maybe it is time for me to do FB chatting with strangers too, ha,ha,ha.

    1. I woke up from a bad dream last night. I had difficulty going back to sleep. So, to make use of time, I thought of the happy things that happened to me that day and this post was made. I havent really thought of editing it yet. But I will be doing it soon. Hahaha.

      I always smile naman Cher Jo ah! Hahaha... Happiness is always a choice we choose :)

      I find chatting with strangers kind of a good way of spending time every now and then. I've made friends through that. We used to be strangers from each other back then, but look at us now, we still became friends and doing great at it :) :) :)

    2. No need to edit, this is most natural, from the heart. Well, blogging is also meeting strangers along the way. The only difference is that we get to know them through their writings before we meet them. It took me a long time to summon my courage to meet you people and there were no regrets.


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