Gulugod Piggy Trek with Friends

Noong Jan 31, natuloy din ang muntik nang maudlot na Trek with Friends to Gulugod Piggy sa Mabini. I had deep thoughts if I wanna write about this or not but since it is February, might as well join the bandwagon of talking about love!

Kinabukasan while resting on our way pababa, one of my friends just blurted out... "Kat, ano bang mali sa'yo? Bat hanggang ngayon wala ka pang boyfriend?!

Hindi ko alam kung anong magiging reaction dapat.
" Waaaaa.. Hindi ko alam! Wait lang, naiiyak ako!"
Kumuha ako ng tissue at pinigilan ang luha ko. Inulit nya pa uli t angbtanong. Kaibigan ko ba talaga to?! Lol

Riding a tricycle on our way to the city,
"Kat, sorry sa tanong ko kanina."
"Ok lang yun. Natanong ko din naman yan sa sarili ko noon."
"Ano nga kasi yung mali para itama yun."
"Sakin naman, I think, walang mali. Walang mali sa atin. Wala pa lang talaga yung perfect match,"

End of friendship. Joke lang. End of conversation.

To think that there is something wrong is wrong itself. I believe that there is nothing wrong in him or me that's why we're both singles. To think that there is something is just another way of thinking too high of oneself. Too high in terms of fault-finding.

Repairing is way difficult than starting from scratch. In trying to fix oneself, one would have to focus on the mistake, the wrong, the negative and how to transform it to someone better. I find it stressful because one would have to make amends based on the wrong and not on the goal.

Eliminating entirely what is wrong and focusing on being happy is a better approach. Happiness and contentment as goals. Doing acts and deeds to achieve such goals is a more positive way of approaching it. Finding the perfect one means we ought to shape ourselves to be that perfect match for whoever that someone is along the way. The universe will conspire. And maybe God will be generous enough to offer you the entire universe. After all, when one falls in love, our universe gets built around that someone and it should be expanding because your dreams and hopes had combined. If it shrinks and seems to become a blackhole which gravitates your energy and the things around you, leaving you with nothing or emptiness, then I don't think that person is the one.

Back to the conversation.

"Aminin mo, nakakalungkot mag-isa."
"Kaya nga tayo may friends."
"Naiinggit nga ko sa mga kaibigan nating may partners na. Ang tapang nila. Ako kasi natatakot ako kaya siguro ganun.
" I think naman kapag na-meet mo na yung person na sobrangbgusto mo, magiging matapang ka din."
"Three years na kong single, I tried dating a few guys who I think gusto ko pero wala talaga eh. Might as well, take a rest and gumawa ng iba pang mga bagay. Ayoko lang talagang maging idle kaya kahit tinatamad akong magbasa, I still try to read. Tina-try ko ding iwasan muna ang facebook, or the entire social media itself kasi it stirs a lot negative emotions sakin tulad ng inggit and lungkot. Eto nga, nag-aral ako to keep myself busy. And syempre, I pray. Pinagpe-pray ko na ibigay ni God yung right person for me."
"Sorry talaga sa tanong na yun. Di ko naman alam na iiyak ka."
" It's ok. Ano ka ba. F.O. na tayo. Charot lang."

We're still friends. Very good friends :)

Today is the second of February, as that marketing strategy of celebrating Love Month starts, please be advised that it's not just for couples and lovers. Love is for everybody. For oneself and for others. For sharing.

Cheers to singleness, family and friends! Cheers to love!

Also, February is National Arts Month! Let's take time visit museum, take time to appreciate all kinds of arts and unleash the artsy-fartsy in us!

First stop for my attempt to visit museums will be on Saturday at the National Museum :)

As for that someone, I guess it wasn't meant to be searched at all, it's just gonna be found!

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  1. Cheers tayo diyan! :) Andiyan na daw siya, na-traffic sa EDSA!

    1. Three years po syang natraffic?! Pero ok lang. Kung confirmed naman na sakin mapupunta, keri ko pa ang another three years of waiting!! Hahahaha.. Extend na din until 4 years.. Shemai.. Hahaha

  2. Lahat naman tayo may something na mali sa sarili natin. Parte na ng pagiging tao ang magkaroon ng flaws. Like our good qualities, they are also a part of who we are. At hindi natin kailangan alisin o baguhin kung ano man ang mga 'yon. Kahit anong gawin natin, they will always be there inside of us. We just have to master control over them para hindi sila makaperwisyo.

    Ano bang mali sa'yo? Hindi ko alam exactly. Ikaw lang makakasagot niya. Pero alam kong merong mali sa'yo, kasi ganoon din naman ako.

    Bakit hanggang ngayon ay wala ka pang boyfriend? Kasi hindi mo pa nakikilala yung taong hindi lang yung mga bagay na nakakabighani sa'yo ang mamahalin niya, kundi pati yung mga bagay na hindi maganda sa'yo.

    Feeling expert lang 'no? lol

    Ewan ko ba. Love has a million definitions, Babykat. That's why it's very confusing.

    1. Yeah. You're right. Having someone who will accept the me today regardless of my past and vice versa is one thing about love. Maybe, I still need to figure that out myself... Knowing how to find somebody regardless of their flaws as well because in reality, I wish to find that perfect person, who can never be alive. We can only find someone who is willing to accept us and is expecting the same out of us.

      Hugs! Movie date on Feb 14 if I don't get a flight project? :)


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