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December 24, 2014

Kiddo: may anak kna ate?
Me: wala pa.
Kiddo: bakit?
Me: wala pa kasi akong asawa
Kiddo: pwede namang may anak pero walang asawa.
Me: .......
Kiddo: sinong katabi mong matulog?
Me: wala. Ako lang.... 

Bakit andami mong tanong? Anak ba kita? Hahahaha

She is an adopted daughter my mom told me. I saw her every Sunday at church but we never really get to talk nor play a lot. But this Sunday, I stayed late in church for our performance later that evening, so we slept together in the chamber but we never really got that sleep because she is one little, cute chatterbox. Reminds me of myself. Hahaha

I wonder what made her ask me those questions. 

She is actually right. I can have a child without a father. It USED TO BE my plan. Until the day my father asked why. Why do I want such an arrangement when I was never deprived of the opportunity to grow up with a loving father. Another thing that changed my mind was the experience to of being a teacher. Working with kids with diverse backgrounds made me see things in a different light. 

February 17, 2015

Bearing a child is already a hard task and raising a child is an entirely different story. With almost all family members clamoring for marriage and babies, I just can't keep up and it's tiring to explain myself over and over again. 

Badtrip lang eh. LOL. 

I think this country needs to have a school for parenting. I will definitely enroll. Because really, looking at those kids in school, knowing their stories, I can't help but be shocked and I wanna scream at their parents. 

Three kids in one classroom. Different mothers. One father.

Parent giving gifts to teacher because her child is a non-reader

Two girls sexually-abused by their own father

Kids being sent to buy liquor at the store

And a whole lot more!

It is a scary thing to think about. But the joy and excitement it brings is also something that I cannot stop thinking about. 

Kudos to my parents for raising me and my siblings to the best that they can and to all the parents out there for a job well done for raising responsible and loving children!  


  1. Yes indeed. There should be a school about parenting. Churches should include that in their adult Sunday schools. May ganyan din ang mga social workers. pero mahirap I-formalize because we all grow up on different sets of values and principles.

    Ako din, naisip ko na rin magampon... hindi rin kasi ako sigurado kung yung future lover ko ay mahilig aa bata. So I guess, unahin ko na muna ang mag ampon...

    1. Oo nga eh.
      Sobrang nakakapikon lang talaga yung ibang mga magulang! How cruel circumstance is! Yung mga walang maipambuhay sa mga anak, eh yun ang napakaraming anak. At yung mga mag-asawa na nagpapakahirap na magkaron ng sariling anak, eh di magkaron :(

      Minsan mas ideal na lang din mag-ampon dahil sa dami ng batang walang magulang. But who knows, baka mabuntis ka, este makabuntis ka! Hahaha..

  2. Same thing, people asked me why I have no children. Sabi pa nga, sayang, matalino ka pa naman. My answer, " Kaya nga ako hindi nag asawa at nag anak kasi matalino ako." Ayoko nang dumagdag sa problema ng mundo.

    Of course I thought of having children pero bad trip kasi yung mga na meet ko before or sadyang hindi lang ako mag commit. For now, I find happiness in making things better for me. Yun bang wala na akong iisipin kung mawala man ako sa mundo.

    1. gusto ko ng logic mo dito Cher Jo! Hahaha

      You have tons of children! You deal with them every day, one of them was a little too bratty, i read. Hahahaha


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