Happy Birthday Mama!

Dearest Mama,

I thank God for a Godly Mom that you are. No words can best describe how wonderful of a mother you are to me and my sibs. 

We promise that we will try to give you all those things you have missed while you were growing up because life back then had been so tight. Birthday cakes. Parties. Celebrations.

We promise to give you that good life you deserve because you have always been there for us. You had been taking care of us for so many years and its about time for you to feel that you are being taken care of. 

Thank you for everything! 

We can only look back to the past and see how far our family had progressed and grown from six kids now you have additional two daughters-in-law. Soon, you'll have grandkids to attend to as well. 

I pray to God that you live a longer life. More candles to blow and many years to celebrate with you and the rest of the family. Labyu!


  1. Very endearing post, and for every mom in the world. Wishing your mom a happy birthday again!

    1. Yes, for every awesome mom in the world :)
      Thanks Cher Jo!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    1. It was indeed a simple and happy birthday :) Thank you!!!!

  3. Yccos! happy birthday sa Mom mo! :)


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