It's an F kind of Saturday


I got up early because of a phone call from my little cousin Justin Earl from Bicol.
"Ate Kathy, uwi ka na."
"Oo, kaso tulog pa ko eh."
"Nuarin ka mauli?" (when are you coming home?)
Patay. "Di pa sure si Ate eh. Basta uuwi ako jan. May honor ka ba?" 
"Igwa baga." (Meron daw.)
Patay ulit. "Sige, May lego ka paguwi ko. Tulog muna ulit ako ha. Labyu." 


I received an FB message.

Tin: Kat, may pasok ka today?
Me: Hmmmm. Nagtatapos lang ng apat ng modules. Bakit?
Tin: Kita sana tayo today. 
Me: Oh my. Mej BI ka pero magpapa-BI naman ako. Haha
Tin: Anong BI? 
Me: Bad influence. Sige, see you in an hour.

Ang dali ko lang kausap. 


Tinola for lunch loaded with lotsa malunggay.
J.Co overload. 
Cappucino Avocado Frapp Tre
Fried Chicken with Hainanese Rice at Paotsin

It's Super Cheat Day 


It's Pyrolympics Musical Saturday and we got to stay to watch the presentation by the United Kingdom and got this shot: 

Then I stopped taking shots and just stood there and watched, my heart beating so fast and I can't stop smiling and standing there amazed. Ignoring the noise, just glued to the flickering lights in varied shapes, colors and sizes. But after all those excitement, the skies fell dark and silent, my heart still feel likes its racing. 

Biglaang lakad talaga yung natutuloy. Endless reminiscing of college days! 

It was a Fun-filled Saturday indeed!  


  1. Ganda ng fireworks! Glad to hear your Saturday went great. Ako may sakit pa rin! Nakaka-frustrate ang palaging may sakit.


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