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I had completed two modules for one subject today. I am procrastinating on the other subject because I am really having a hard time on it. *sigh* 

Today is the Graduation Day of our 5-day Daily Vacation Bible School! I am so happy that I got to complete it this year. From day 1 to day 5! 

I had been assigned to teach High Schoolers. I thought I'm going to have a hard time connecting to them but I really had a great time! Out of 14, only 1 was not able to make it to Day 5. Of course, I have my favorites: Bryan, Jeffrey and Kenneth. 

Every day except Day 5, we got to learn about Bible Characters and how God moved in their lives. I personally have been recharged and blessed with the opportunity to get to know them. 

Day 1: The Story of Jephthah
It was first time to encounter his name and his story. The story of an outcast who found refuge in his faith in the Lord. With his faith God blessed him to be the leader of other outcasts. They defeated the Ammobites and he became judge over their land for six years. 

Day 2: The story of Ruth and Naomi. I gave a challenge to each of them, would they choose to be Naomi and let the people around them see the kind of faith she has and eventually hear "I want your God to be my God." Or be Ruth and have that unwavering faith to a God she doesn't entirely know yet at that time. Ruth had  professed her faith and did not leave Naomi's side. Later on, in the land of Bethlehemjudah, Boaz fell in love with Ruth and had taken her for his wife and from their line Obed was born who fathered Jesse who then fathered David from whose lineage came Jesus Christ. 

Day 3: The story of Samuel and Eli. Eli was the priest in the tabernacle and Samuel was a worker in that tabernacle. While sleeping, he heard someone called him, he thought it was Eli and so he answered "Here am I". He wasn't aware until Eli told him that it was God calling him. By God's grace, he lived a pure life and had been a judge of their land for many years. 

Day 4: The story of Peter. He asked Jesus if it was enough to forgive who sinned him seven times. The Lord answered that forgiving should be seventy times seven. The kids were good! It was 490 times! So many chances!

I hope the kids learned something because I did. Every night after studying the lesson for tomorrow, I take time to reflect. 


There are still a lot things to work on in terms of group dynamics with some of the volunteers and workers. I really hope I can help them with something. They are a bunch of talents and eager youngsters and maximizing their potentials as a group with really do a lot in their personal growth and for the church. 

Or is it just me who see all these negative things because I feel like an outcast? 

I am blessed that's what I always tell myself. So, I pray fo God to give me that courage to delve into a deeper commitment in Him. To trust Him fully like Ruth and live a pure like Samuel as I forgive others like Peter and live a life that tells His story like that of Naomi and share it to others like Eli. 

So I continue to live a life of gratefulness!

Tomorrow, I go back to my Modules. Oopss. Nope. That makes it Monday. Tomorrow, I go for a run, Medical Exam for my new job, a visit at ADMU for transfer credentials, lunch with Chloe,  Lego Exhibit at Resorts World Manila, and a party at Greenbelt with friends I fondly call titos and titas because they are older than me but I like their company.

Deactivating facebook has been good. It gave me more time for twitter and instagram and blogger. Tsk. Tsk. 

Papers are due on the 25th of April and 2nd of May. Waaaaaaaa! So help me God!


  1. You definitely had a fruitful week Yccos. That's a proactive week for you. :)

    1. Yes it was.. As usual kapagod, pero it's a priceless experience.

  2. Parang hindi mga mukhang highschoolers yung mga kids, parang elementary graders lang hehe XD Anyways, congrats sa inyo ^^

    Na-curious naman akong bigla sa new job mo, cher Kat :)

    and.... kaya pala naglaho kang bigla sa fb lols

    1. Hahaha.... Pare-pareho kaming highschoolers! Lols.

      Office girl na ko ulit :) :) :)

      I had to be back to fb sooner than expected :(

  3. Eto yung extension ng pagiging teacher so you might be in a corporate world pero you still get to teach. When I was asked to teach Sunday School, nag decline na ako kasi nga I teach everyday. Kung agogo dancer o waiter pa sa club, puwede pa, ha,ha,ha.

    1. Oo nga eh.. pero honestly, hindi pa rin ako maka-commit dahil baka hindi ko ma-fulfill.. I know the challenge is in there, and kulang lang talaga ko sa courage for myself. Praying for it.. God has been so good to me and I know, kelangan ko ding magcommit sa kanya... And maybe, this is it :) :) :)

  4. what a blessing to be there. Lucky kids! It amaze me always to learn something new from the bible everyday.
    I was an outcast too..but now I belong to God's kingdom and so are you:)
    Good luck with the rest!

    1. Thanks Mamijoy :) :) :)

      Yes we do!

      Marami pa kong dapat aralin sa Bible and for sure it's going to be a great experience.


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