The Second Letter to the Future

How are you? Did you get to read that first letter I sent? If not, oh well, please take time to read. I wrote it for you.

I actually received a reply only to find out that the person who wrote it is gay. I wasn't shocked anyway. He was trying to be cool and reading his letter was fun! I suggest you read it too! I posted it as well. 

You're probably busy? Of course you are! I can't fall for some lazy-ass guy. That happened once, and never again. I've learned. I had fallen for you for so many reasons. Let me think again:

A. You pass my standard of "gwapo" which actually is not that high I was told. It can be equated to emotional maturity which is something I lack.

B. You are witty and make me laugh so hard. 

C. You're straight. Do I still have to explain this one? 

D. You are positive and optimistically-biased. 

E. You can cook. Not that I can't that's why you have to know but I find it fascinating that guys cook. I learned a few dishes on my own. I hope to let you have a  taste of it too! 

F. You dream big! Dreaming big was something I had put off when I fell in love the last time. I look forward to growing together with you. In career, passion and family life. 

G. You support my craziness of watching The Walking Dead. I can't watch this alone. I remember tweeting about it last year. Have you read that? 

H. You watch RomCom more than I do. 

I. You adore your parents so much. 

J. You know how to make my heart melt. 

K. You either have at least five or all of the things on this list. Hahaha. 

Funny how I get to set standards when I keep falling for the wrong guy that when the right guy comes I feel not enough. I maybe pushing you away but really, want I want you to do is stay. 

When can we be together? Living alone gets a bit lonely. Don't you agree? I seem to have this sense of being assumptive of things and may think that things are alright when apparetly they aren't. So, you gotta tell me. We should communicate.

The truth is, you don't have to have any of those on the list. You just have to be you and real. You just have to be truthful

For now, this is a one-way story. No communication until you reply :( 

I've learned a lot of things the hard way, done things I am not proud of yet I never stop praying that you will come my way. But I guess I can never be ready. So surprise me! 


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    1. hahaha... saw this on my Google Keep kanina bago ko matulog, December 2014 pa pala to. Ayan, pinost ko na lang din. Sayang nman. Pinag-isipan ko nung sinusulat ko yan eh. LOLS.

      The other drafts in my Keep are about ex eh kaya pinag-iisipan ko pa kung ilalgay ko din :P hahaha...

  2. What happened to this guy? Intriga ako.

    1. Kayni, he is trapped in the future! lols... hahaha

  3. Ano Yccos, pa-audition na tayo?hehe

  4. Dear Future,

    First of all, I am the gay guy who answered the previous letter on your behalf. It was really fun writing that letter. But I have one question: where the fuck are you? Are you in a place where it is prohibited to write a letter?

    You straight guys, what's wrong with you? You always have misplaced priorities and sentiments. If you are not enlightened your heart ends up being torn apart by some random bitch and your members keep ending up throbbing in some queen's plumbago lips.

    My point is, do not be afraid to reveal yourself to the girl of your dreams. And besides, it's kind of tiring to answer letters of girls.

    And dear future, baka sakali na kasama mo din ang future husband ko. Pakisabi na magkudkod ng mabuti dahil pagod nako magtrabaho. Ok?

    Your true epal forever,


    1. As always, pano ko ba itatago ang kilig ko? Hahaha..

      Nasa future lang sila Sir Trips. Darating din sila for us.. Antay lang daw :P

  5. Sana nga mabasa niya ito so he knows what you like or look for a man. Hindi naman mabigat mga requirements mo and I do like the last one, to be real, to be truthful. When we meet people, we do not really know their intentions until it becomes late. Good luck my friend!

    1. Pano kaya yun, he is trapped in the future eh :(

      Whenever we meet people, the best thing to do is always just hope for the best and be the best person we can be. The universe returns what we give others lang din naman eventually.


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