Epi and Mabini

30 Sept 2015
2:31 PM

So much hype there is about the movie Heneral Luna. Before it was to be out in the cinemas, I read the synopsis for this movie. I told myself that I would watch it in the cinema. I'm happy I was one of the many who had seen it first and got to avail that student discount :)

With everything that can be discussed in the movie, the last thing I had expected from anyone would be to notice or even ask "Why is Mabini (Epi Quizon) sitting down in the entirety of the movie?"

I seriously can't imagine myself personally reacting to such question. I'd probably be, "Seriously? You don't know? He is even in the money that you use every day and you don't know?" Then, the social media outburst about what do teachers teach in the classroom? In history? Maybe if I didn't teach before, I probably would have thought that it's ALL the teachers' fault. It is an academic shortcoming on the part of the schools to not being able to teach properly about our history and our national heroes. The accounts for Mabini's life in the history books is limited to him being the sublime paralytic who became the brains of the revolutions. Not so much emphasis on his early life and death. The teachers are teaching this but with all the distractions around, I'm not sure which ones the kids put more value for each day. 

The entire film is considered fictional but the small facts and deep-seated truths in the scenes are undeniable. 

Maybe, if I watched the play about Mabini before this movie, I would have understand his actions better. His dispositions as an adviser to the president and as a hero. 

The fictional part of the story leaves us the space for discussion in finding out the truth for ourselves. Conspiracies and theories can be formulated letting one practice critical thinking.

It is everyone's fault and shortcoming to those who never knew. Everyone who knew about it and didn't take time to share it.

The curriculum developers may have fallen short as to what and how do we teach kids in the classroom, however, these contents are based on what the government had provided. Funded research findings and proclaimed disclosures. We can only be so happy to have historians, people who had dedicated their lives to looking back and giving us a clear picture of the past. The true past. Not the twisted past that some selfish people wanted the nation to grow up with. Also, film-makers who took time and effort to put the history in a movie that would make every citizen question his or her patriotic duties. Risk-taker producers who bravely invested on projects like this. A moment of awakening. 

There are bigger truths about the filipino that can only depicted by combining the real and imaginary. -- Jerrold Tarog, Director of Heneral Luna 

History repeats itself.

While watching the movie, I can definitely pinpoint who is today's Aguinaldo-- people who would do anything to stay in power, bury truth and still live with chins held up high. Paterno-- people who think of profits at the expense of others. Mabini-- the man who knew but had kept silent for reasons I still don't know. The Luna-- people who love this country so much and would boldly stand up for what they believe is just and right for this nation. That not-so-sharpshooter soldier-- people who can only do so much but still try to do something. Goyong the youth whose dream is to serve the nation, a dream cut short. And many, many more.

To whom we bestow the power, is the one who gets to control what know, get to know and will know. What else is hidden? What more can they keep from the citizens of this nation? How long are we going to revere the wrong people? And neglect until we totally forget those who really cared for this nation? Who and what examples are we building for our identity as a nation

Let us stop the blame game, choose our heroes and introduce our heroes to others. Eventually, be that hero this nation calls for.

Let us change the history of this country. We know better now.
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  1. It is really strange to think that Mabini was portrayed as a silent person. At lagi pa nakaupo. The nerve! hahaha!

    Sana mapanood ko din yan para ma criticize ko ng todo. hehehe! Joke lang! I think I'll stick to reading books about our history and the many sides of our nation's story, so i can form my own opinion and conclusion.

    1. Well, movies come from books and minsan nga, maraming natatanggal na facts kapag naging movie na.. So, you made a better choice of sticking into the books.

  2. Hindi ko pa napapanood ang Heneral Luna, pero sa mga nabasa kong reaksiyon at comments sa ilang page sa FB, mapapa-what the... ka talaga. History-wise, mababasa mong marami ang hindi alam ang ilang basic fact tungkol sa mga bayani. Yung nakakalungkot lang din, mas pinagtutuunan pa ng iba ang mga present-day trivialities kesa sa pagkakakilanlan nila bilang Pilipino.

    1. What?! Char lang.. Hahaha.. Sana mapanood mo sya bago man lang matapos ang hype for the movie :)

      Sinabi mo pa.. Whose to blame? Ano na bang values ang pinagkakaabalahan nating i-share? :'(

  3. How many people have seen this movie and gave a closer inspection as to what the movie was about? A lot probably saw it as a good movie and very few saw it like you. I will probably see this myself so that I can also reflect on how I am as a Filipino, as an educator, and as a person.

    1. The magic and poison of social media..... I haven't really had any in depth discussion with anyone about the movie. I would have love to. But my sibs are too busy and wasnt able to join me. My friends live afar or our scheds dont jive. And I rarely take time to take a closer inspection of movies.. Only those that really got into me..

      The call for nationalism was very loud and clear. It was able to send it's message across, opened a lot more of questions and a way for other heroes and questionable to be called heroes to be more recognizable to the public.

      A lot of question on how and who formed our history and how do we wanna be remembered as well in the future.

  4. nasurprise din ako na madami pala ang di nakakakilala kay Mabini...ang alam ko kasi nasa text books yan at tinuturo sa elem school... siguro mas naeengage lang yung mga kabataan ngayon sa mga gadgets nila at di na nabibigyan ng atensyon yung mahahalangang details ng lectures nila.. buti na lang at may movie na katulad ng Heneral Luna at least matututo yung mga manunuod lalo na yung mga estudyante ... balita ko trilogy yung style ng film na to na parang mala Marvel Cinematic Universe yung dating... nasa isang timeline lang yung event ... astig no

    1. Yeah.. Nakakatuwa diba.. As I was watching it, in my head, sabi ko talaga, sana si Goyong meron din.. Isa kasi sya considered na gwapo at pinakabatang leader during his time.. Then, I really felt something is off with Mabini, dun ko naalala yung play about him, sana pala nanood ako nun. I need to read more about him.

  5. on the contrary, i think the film's too overrated. a lot of previous films of the same genre are way better than hen.luna. but i appreciate the exaggeration and the fiction parts. too witty not to have good laughs in between. :)

    1. Let's just say this is really a period of awakening for the Filipino and the movie just made it more obvious. Then social media just open a lot of avenues for the movie to be known...

      Come to think of it, pinoy quality movies are becoming mainstream. It is not monopolized by mistress stories and all other kinds of as Lea Salonga would call it, "Kababawan" stuff. Let's just hope this is not a once in a blue moon thing and wait for every Cinemalaya to get to watch good Pinoy movies. Hayst.

  6. Well, upon watching it, para sa akin, hindi msiyadong mganda yung ibang aspeto ng pelikula, merong kulang, hindi ko sure if cinematography yun. BUT, hey, di na nila kelngan yun, actors palang ok na ok na, which, makes it even more attracting. Nakakatuwa yung story flow, yung comedic side ng movie, at the same time, the realism na meron sa mga bayani natin. Dati kasi tingin lang natin sa kanila e mga bayani, mababait,. matatapang, TAO DIN PALA SILA.

    :) The part na yung pinatay siya = spolarium. Galing no?

    Mabini, oh mabini, akala pa nga nila si andres bonifacio siya. Kaya ABS, ibalik niyo yung Bayani pls. !!

    1. I have copies of all those! Lemme know if you wanna have too! Its a 121gb total.


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