Heneral Luna

"There are bigger truths about the Filipino that can only depicted by combining the real and the imaginary."

I'm not sure how I would describe the movie further, but it had this combination of great stage theater feeling and the cinematic effect in every scene. 

You know how those theater actors and actresses deliver their lines on stage--live and powerful with so much feelings, combined with the heavy Tagalog lines-- it's just so intense as it touch the core of my being Filipino. Now, having to see their close up faces with the changes in their expressions, the twitching of their lips, the creases in their forehead as they deliver their lines-- it just made me feel how they felt. Plus the musical score, that slow orchestra-music playing in the background. The thuds of the drums and the hums of the strings. 

I'm not familiar with the names of the actors and actresses, just a few of them, but every one of them were very good in  their roles. These people should be the role models of every young Filipino. 

At the onset of the movie, the director made it very clear that it has historical basis yet it's still a creation of a fictitious mind. It aint mind-boggling, it's more of a reflective kind as it makes one question his actions as a Filipino. One can already see which scenes are work of a playful mind and which ones are the depiction of hidden truth. 

Like any other history, the Philippine history is full of conspiracy and hidden truths. The same truth that repeats itself over and over again but we never learn to accept or we never have the courage to stand up for. 

The burning flag. Literally getting burned from the bottom as the fire slowly eats it upward until its gone. Until the light is out. While this happens, Aguinaldo and Paterno swears into their graves that they have nothing to do with Luna's killing. That they love this nation more than ever. 

Luna was right, our enemies our not those people from the outside, but our very own people. He isn't lunatic as other would describe him. He was BOLD and BRAVE to stand for what he believes is right and just. 

I know I have to do something like he did. His actions aren't meant to be admired but to be emulated. 


  1. I got really curious about this movie because I've read nothing but great reviews! Hopefully I could get to see it too.


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