I Still Cry

I still cry at nights. Admitting this to myself was something hard but I know I have to.

Im trying to find an answer to why I still cry.

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    1. it's halo-halo :'(

      Lilipas din to. Lagi naman.

  2. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Sometime, it's showing how strong you are in admitting that there is something that you can't do...

    1. there's just a lot of things going on.. emotions... unaccomplished tasks. personal expectations...

  3. Crying is like a healing process of our emotions. I cry for a lot of reasons or for no reason at all. However, I noticed that I don't cry anymore after doing it for a long time. It will stop, but in the meantine, treasure the thought that you can acknowledge your feelings of sadness and happiness by releasing them through tears. Cyber hugs...

    1. thanks cher jo.. everything had just been overwhelming lately, on top of that, I am becoming a bit impatient about myself and my chosen circumstances. I'll get by as always. :) I miss you and your relatable life realizations.

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    1. talk about brain regla I think? Haha. I felt a bit better now.


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