Friends and Patience

I was suppose to write this last Monday as a result of my reflections while doing my favorite de-stressing activity: my laundry.

This is about my recent meet up and conversation with a college friend.

Time to Catch Up

The last time we’ve met, he was pursuing his application for the Erasmus Scholarship which for some reasons, he didn’t get to pursue since he got wait-listed. I can still remember how he tried to handle his personal disappointment about it, and how we all tried to comfort him over the group chat that maybe it’s not yet the right time for him to go abroad and study. Maybe next year, it will be different.

He tried to rationalize and justify things by saying that maybe he wasn’t “yet” allowed to go out of the country to pursue higher studies because he still supports his siblings’ college education, wait until they get to pass board exams, get hired and be permanently employed. In the family of 8  kids, I am not sure if he is the first-born, but he seem to be the first one to graduate in college, in full scholarship and now supporting his entire family.

Now, we meet again and he is in another state of dilemma. I really don’t mind being called by friends on this kind of days. As long as it’s not frequent. I knew he needs to talk and rationalize things and just have another conversation.

As for me, I haven’t really been going out, too attached with my bed on weekends, trying to avoid metropolitan pollution, heavy road traffic and spending.. Hehe…

Conversations went from how we were back then up to how each of us are right now. How each of us had changed from being college students to being employees, parents, separadas, dedicated partners and most of all, to being teachers as we all had been molded for together for 4 college years.

For some, it is a happy journey while for others, it’s bumpy and as kind of unbelievable. But still, they manage to share their life stories through not-so-frequent group chats and personal messages.

Opportunities Unfolding

“Ayoko kasi ng nape-pressure. Gusto ko yung basta darating yung opportunity na tatanggapin ko ng walang doubts.” – that’s what he said and what I would always remember.

Asked what he plans to do for the next two years as the Senior High will be fully-implemented, the final leg for the K-to-12 Education Implementation, he said he will now pursue his PhD studies. Finally, this time, he has lesser worries in terms of family duties since his brother just landed a permanent job as a public school teacher near their community in Castilla, Sorsogon. He said, it’s now time for his siblings to support him on his studies.

We shared that feeling of gladness of being able to see the siblings finally graduate in college. That investing on others particularly family is never a bad investment.

He also had started paying for a piece of land and eventually, he will be putting up his own house.

We jokingly call him “Halaman” as he never seem to be linked with anybody up until today, or someone we are just not aware of.

He waited and life unfolded its wealth to him accordingly. He is patient.

Patience—something I am starting to embrace as well.

Because God’s time maybe different from what I have on my timetable and His time is the best and perfect time for all.


  1. A short post with lots of realizations: pursuing dreams, being courageous and giving, looking into the future, and being patient, not only with people around but also with the ongoings of life. Sometimes though, especially in love, we grow tired waiting.

    1. sobra... my friend is kind of a reserve person and usually keeps his emotions to himself but he said he likes talking to me kasi natutulungan ko syang i-articulate kung anong gusto nyang sabihin kaya gusto nya rin akong kausap.

      He is the most patient and calm person I can think of. Yung life story nya di naman worth for MMK but it's an inspiring story of struggle and triumph for a boy who grew up in the province and made a mark in the city.

  2. Tama sya, mahirap ma-pressure sa isang bagay, mas maganda yung dadating lang, hindi hinanap. Hindi pinilit. Yan din ang basehan ko sa mga pangarap ko eh. Hahaha ayokong pinilit ako, gusto ko kusang dumating, tapos nasa akin na kung tatanggapin ko o hindi.

    Pero mahirap din mag antay ng oppurtunities na kumatok sa pintuan, minsan kelangan tayo yung gumawa ng pintuan papunta dun. Ang importante ginagawa iyon ng masaya, ng walang nasasaktan.

    Pamilya, andyan susuporta talaga lagi sa atin. :)

    1. It was a thought that took a little while for me to realize. I keep chasing the wrong things and people which then made me tired and seem hopeless. Di ko nakita yung ibang factors affecting personal success until the day I sit down and made conversations and evaluations of myself and how I am doing.

      My friend made me see that. Sabayan ko pa ng book ni Gladwell na Outliers, it really felt better. I just really have to choose my important priorities right now. Nauubos kasi ang oras ko sa mga maling bagay na pinili ko lately. *deepsigh*


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