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I have a lot of free time lately, though I have an upcoming exam this Saturday. LOL. I just thought, why don't I go ahead and make this list. I am one of those who could spend hours and hours glued to the screen while watching my favorite tv series episodes. I am never ever ever gonna be good at knowing the names of the actors and actresses but I will always remember them with the roles they have played in whatever show they had appeared. 

Since I came back to the BPO sector, I am gaining back the time to take a look into watching more series and catching up with those I had missed. Also more time to think why I have a crush on the following guys: 

Peter Bishop of Fringe
I am not really a fan of bearded guys but there is something so cute about Peter Bishop. The guy that came from the alternate universe known as Walternate. He is a techie guy, resourceful and just plain cute. Hihihi.. 

Wes Gibbons of How to Get Away with Murder
Look at that dimple. He looks so gay in this picture, I just realized while typing away *facepalm* A freshman Law School student. Darn. In real life, I don't think I could live or imagine myself dating a lawyer or a soon-to-be-lawyer. I think my jologs ways are just not their type. Haha

Cisco of The Flash
Tech-savvy is sexy. That's just how I would like to define Cisco. 

Atom Araullo
He isn't in any series I am currently watching but used to be on 5&Up :) This guy is every millenial gay and girl's crush. A Physics major from the University of the Philippines. Oh. How could I not love Physics and science in general if I have him as an inspiration?

Barry Allen of The Flash
A forensic scientist in the series. Someone who studies the crime scene and all the evidences therein. Not that I love crime scenes. In real life, he is kinda too tall for me and he looks a little bit skinny, but really, he has wonderful ABS!

Overall, brainy is sexy. Aww!

I think I have enough dose of kilig for today. Bukas naman.

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  1. Peter Bishop ftw!!!!
    I love him too!!!!!!!!

    love lots,


  2. I only know of Peter Bishop since I was glued to the set during its first season run. After that, no more. I think ang bagay sa iyo eh si Atom.

  3. I'm Also watching the Flash Episodes. Actually I'm very updayted.

    Fixing a Pipe

  4. The Flash was Awesome but not a fan of Barry Allen.

    Metal Face


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