Naisip ko lang

If ........

Duterte wins........ there will be Philippine Death Squad

Defensor wins........ there will be Agnostic Government

Binay wins........... Corruption right in your face

Poe wins....... Colonial Mentality gone, Citizenship Confusion it is

So, sino na lang? Pano na lang?

Paki-explain. Pls.

As always, nakakapagod at nakakadrain manood ng balita.


  1. Proclaim me as the emperor of the Philippines and you will all enjoy peace and prosperity. Hahaha!

    1. hahaha... kung pwede lang sir trips.. kung wit, sarcasm and humor din lang naman ang usapan, panalo ka na talga :)

  2. Hi, ask ko lang, if election will be held tomorrow, sinong boboto mo? wala lang curious lang. good morning! :)

    1. thats a very good question.

      I won't bother voting at all.


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