This is my story with you in it

I had always wanted to write about you. 

But I can’t really start with anything because you are a fiction story.

I am not good with fiction stories. 

You are fiction. 

When will reality embrace me with you in it? 

Could it ever happen? 


  1. I don't know but this post reminds me of the film Ruby
    have you watched it? Who knows, you can be the female counterpart nung bida then while writing the story about the guy, he will soon turn into a reality hehe
    pero I'm sure that Reality will happen to you soon... God is probably not yet done writing your love story .. naks ^_^

    1. Katuwa ka talaga :* haha.. Im not familiar with the movie, ill try to google minsan :)
      God has been so kind all the time, and I know, He is prepping that love worth for my story. Tiwala lang :) :) and it's good to have people around who gets to understand and confirm that every now and then.

  2. Replies
    1. Sa totoo lang, senyo ko po nakuha yang konsepto ng fiction. fiction.. Hahaha

  3. Parang ako lang din...
    Parang yung binabanggit lang ni Spongebob nung naglalaro sila ni Patrick sa loob ng box -

    Tanong ko rin ang mga tanong mo cher Kat hahaha.
    Nakaka-relate lols.

    1. Kelan nga ba Cher Jep? Pakisagot puuhhleaseee.. haha


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