My 2015

How good it feels to just sit down, type away thoughts and look back to how the year had gone by so fast. There were days that I prayed to be over sooner and days I wished to go slower or never even end. But still, to live with my very first mantra, "this too, shall pass". 2015 is about to end. I can't remember being as emotional as this for the past few years of reflecting on how the year had gone by.

 As I look back, I think almost half of my life is posted on social media. Gotta change that in 2016.

I had read less, finished less than 10 books this year. Most of them non-fiction.

Climbed a couple of mountains with friends old and new.

Celebrated birthdays of old folks.

I had a few plans that got blown up.

Met amazing people along the way

Renewed friendship with a few.

Parted ways with some whom I know I will meet again in heaven. The feeling of loss still pains me. Whenever I remember, I still cry.

Tried to show my appreciation and spend time with people whom I cherish in my life, be it family, friends, colleagues, strangers and cats.

Honestly, 2015 was a selfish year. It was a year I tried to do things that really are all for my own happiness and satisfaction. Like that climb to Mt. Pulag and Gulugod Piggy. That trip to Coron with Cher Jo and Emil and that unplanned ice cream trips to that expensive Baskin Robbins and DQ among them and others I cant remember on top of my head right now. 

2015 filled me with surprises. Amazing surprises from flowers, to more flowers, and cake and letters and others I really have to take time to think of. 

Doing this recap, I hoped to remember good things, lessons and be remembered as somebody who tried to be good as well. Even though, I know that everything must come to an end and will come to an end, it is still unbelievable that it will soon be over in a few hours. Though obviously, nothing really will change as the clock tick twelve midnight for first of January, 2016. It brings so much hope that a new day and a new chance for all failed attempts and plans will come. 

I am ending 2015 working. Will be welcoming 2016 working. Not a bad idea. Focused and simple.

Thank you 2015! It was an amazing  year! Let 2016 be filled awesomeness. 

Saying goodbye and thank you to 2015 and aiming high to 2016! For more sunrises and jumpshots all over! 


  1. Happy New Year! I can relate especially that 2015 was a trying year for my husband and I. Like you, I tell myself that even bad experiences will come to an end. Let's welcome 2016 with open arms and toast to new adventures.

  2. How about your escapade in Coron and your birthday celebration? I find that adventure worth keeping. I see the title is from slmeone's title as well, ha,ha,ha. Happy New Year, see you in 2016 or 2017 with your blogger friend.

    1. "I see the title is from slmeone's title as well, ha,ha,ha."

      Sir Jo, sabi ni justin bieber - What do you mean? :)
      Nabasa ko yun ah :)

    2. "Though obviously, nothing really will change as the clock tick twelve midnight for first of January, 2016."

      I couldn't agree more. Ganyan lang din ang peg ng buhay ko hahaha.

      Happy New Year cher kat!
      God bless u :)

    3. Oopss.. I actually just had to add that :) thankee! Off course they were amazing experiences for me and very mch worth-remembering.. I was writing this in a rush.. Arrghhhh.. And so its shattered but really, it is part of my amazing 2015. Happy New Year Cher Jo!

    4. Hahahaha... I just had to go back to my blog roll. and oh my.. title nga din sya ng blog ni sir trips! We are so meant to be..... meant to be with the same title!! Hahahaha

    5. Tatlo na ang nabasa kong will read more as a resolution, dikit dikit ang line of thoughts, ha,ha,ha. Thanks for adding the trip, it's one great thing in 2015 and I would like a repeat in 2017, tagal pa noh?

  3. It's not that bad. It's not like our lives were meant to be lived for others. Buti ka nga merong inakyat na bundok. Not everyone can do that. And it's the same with me, I am ending 2015 working and welcome 2016 working. €-> goals. Hahaha!

  4. Hello Yccos! Yes to more cakes. At food trip. Then jogging. hehe. Happy New Year!


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