What Was.

I don’t know what is my point of writing this but I am so much into what my past was. How good. How kind. How peaceful. How simple.

Back  when I was not yet an adult.
When I was still young and innocent of the travesties of this life.
When falling in love is a great feeling, as if it's all the matters.

It WAS a good life. 


  1. We all long for the past because most of the time, at present, we do not know what to do or how to cross the path towards the future. When we are down and facing trials we always look back. Only now that I realize that to long for the past is meaningless. To learn from the past and understand it should be our attitude, and only then we will be able to go ahead and have the courage to look future into its eyes and embrace it like an old friend.

  2. Watch The Little Prince dearie. *hugs and kisses*

    We're on the same boat.

  3. there were so many things in my past na gusto ko din balikan and in fact gusto ko na lang mag stay dun kaso nga sabi nila walng replay button sa life -_-


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