I am deeply honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award from Stevevhan, the author of page Artistic World~ 

Random facts about me:

1. I'm a crybaby. Either I am at my happiest or at my saddest, I cry.

2. I love surprises even it's a very simple one, it makes me giddy giddy giddy happy!

3. I tend to forget sad and bad moments easier in my life, like they never happened.

4. I have very very short attention span and I am aware of it. I have been trying ways to keep my focus on something and it's awfully hard but I am on it.

5. There are days that I had to choose between Melatonin tabs or Allersoothe tabs as my sleeping pills as ordinary Sleepasil won't work on me.

6. My phone is filled with selfies I take almost every day.

7. If I wanna learn something, as in like really wanna learn it, I find ways to do so then I get bored again and want to learn something new again.


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All of the people I interact with in the blogworld were already nominated by Jep Buendia except for Froi and Kayni D! I kinda keep a very small circle and would like to keep it at that. So, on top of Cher Jep's list, I would like to add Froi Dencio and Kayni D as nominees :D

So let's wait for their posts and see some random facts about them as well.


  1. I am honored. Thank you for the award. I will work on this for a post.

    By the way, I also have a short attention span and I find myself impatient at times.

    1. Hindi ako nag-iisa... Yahoo!!

      I think my patience is more of selective lang. Haha.. Im patient when it comes to kids. May condition pang basta hindi ako puyat. LOL.

    2. Just posted mine - http://www.kayniscornercafe.com/2016/01/winter-advisory-and-blog-award.html.

  2. We have two similar things but what struck me most was number 3 for I wish I could do the same. My bad and sad moments are even glorified in my posts but in a way, I get to move on. I write them because I wanted to learn from them.

    1. Which two similar things do we have?

      For 3, I just take with me the lesson then forget the rest. I think I can still write about them but not in a very detailed manner anymore.

  3. Dapat i-share ang photo na yan, 1 selfie a day...
    ...malay mo cher Kat, magulat na lang kami, dalawa na kayo sa selfie :)

    Ayiiee :)

    1. Hahahaha.. Meron akong isa pang photoblog diba? Waheheh.. pupunuin ko ng pagmumukha ko! lol..

      Di ko alam kung it would sound creepy or cheesy yung sa susunod dalawa na kami sa selfie... Hahaha.. Kulit lang :P


  4. 1. You're just crazy.

    2. You're just high.

    3. You're dependent on marijuana.

    4. That explains why your eyes were wandering while i blabbered about politics and the system of education. hahaha!

    5. Supposed former junkie... Alanis Morisette singing. hahaha!

    6. Parang phone ko lang din. hahaha!

    7. You're attention-span.

    Biro lang ha, baka mainis ka. Hehehe! We should be taking red carpet pictures with this award. Hehehehe!


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