Recently finished reading Love Letters to the Dead and this inspired me to write a series of letters to random people from my past. 

Dear Puppy Love, 

The last time we've seen each other was during your little boy's wake. I can only imagine how painful you and your wife have been going through and maybe still mourning up to now. 

I can still remember how shocked you were when I tapped your shoulder that night and said "Hey, condolence. Hindi ko naimagine na sa ganitong okasyon tayo magkikita ulit." 

You never invited me on your wedding day, unfriended me on facebook and we never really said a thing to each other before that fateful day for your little Sky. 

You were that boy I first felt that "kilig" feeling. At grade 2, you were my first ever crush and had always been that special boy. We never went to the same school but I was always so happy to see you either on my way to school or home. The days I get to see you seem to be my happiest days back then. 

We grew up together spent a few social events as neighbors and childhood friends but never really got the chance to be more than friends. I wasn't your type of girl. Eversince, I was chubby and short-haired. You said you like your girl petite and long-haired. I never said a word but deep inside, I am self-pitying. You will never like me. Ever. I told myself. 

On one New Year's Eve, we and our friends went drinking and I got stuck with you in your room. It was the first time I was alone with you. Under the influence of alcohol, I collected all the courage I could have and told you "I like you eversince I was in grade 2." 

I did quite the same confession with another guy just recently, you know. Hahaha. Oh well, it was sort of liberating. Being honest and all. It was one-sided but still liberating. What I did with you and that other person, I had no regrets. It's not something I do often and one thing guys received always, right? Unless you really are that kind of guy that everyone would fall for. 

I'm just writing this for you as a first of series of letters I intend to write for the month of February. 

Losing someone you love so dearly is very painful and I can only imagine what you and your wife are going through at the moment. Your little angel is watching over the two of you. 

Thank for you letting me know that "kilig" feeling at a very young age. You were my first crush and will always be special. See you around! 



  1. Kilig moments. Right on time for this month. Magaya nga at baka mabasa niya, hahaha!

    1. Ahihihi.. Napansin ko nga din eh. Since wala namang ibang magpapakilig sakin, might as well rekindle those moments of kilig for the meantime... Cant stop loving and can never stop sharing love :)

      Happy puso Cher Jo!

  2. Writing letters like this one is quite therapeutic. I discovered quite a lot of things about myself posting these imaginary letters to my ex's, my true love, and my object of lust. Hehehehe!


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