It's Nice To Be Back

Who would have thought that I would take learning a new language this seriously? Not until one day, I woke up realizing that I want to be somewhere else and that somewhere else is Japan. I had submitted my JLPT Application today with the test scheduled to be on July 3, 2016 Sunday at De La Salle University in Taft, Manila.

Funny because I had this fear that I might lose my previous learnings if I concentrate on learning a new language. I forgot that an average person uses only around 10 percent of brain function and that learning anything new doesn't simply overwrite the previous ones but spreads on the other portion of the brain since there is still that 90% untapped part. It was said that Einstein only had 20% of his brain capacity in action, with that part of the brain concentrating on numeracy and Math functions swelling--a size twice of that a normal brain. (How is this related to what I am going through right now? I have no idea. I just remembered.)

As of today, almost two weeks since I started learning Nihonggo, I had just memorized the Hiragana, half of the heart of the Japanese language. I still have to memorize Katakana. Together with adding at least 10 new words every day to my Nihonggo vocabulary, with Suwatte (Sit Down), Hai Douzo (Yes), Iie Dame Desu (No, you can't) and Tatte (Stand up) as my frequently used vocabulary every day. Then, there's still this 103 first Kanji symbols I have to know too!

In a way, I am one of those kids struggling to learn a new language. Only that, for them it's English, for me, it's Nihonggo.

 Just like them, I hate handwriting, but I have to write coz, one way for me to remember better is to write the letters and the words. Just like them, my tongue gets twisted if I can't properly say the word and I also get frustrated if I can't get it write after a few repetitions. I also get easily distracted if other learners from another table have something interesting to say  or do that is not related to what I should learn.

Overall, it's a great second day experience. It's nice to be back in an environment surrounded by innocence. It's nice to be back to a place where I am learning and where every day I get to discover something new.

Truly there are things that money can buy. Nonetheless, there are these ones that can only be gained by experience and immersion.

I could make a list of all the negative side of current situation I had put myself into but that can never equate to the happiness I have every time I am surrounded with kids. I am learning with them every day.

It's nice to be back.


  1. Glad to hear you're doing what you love the most. Keep going!

    Learning a new language can both be fun and frustrating. I'm learning Arabic on my own at the moment.

    1. It's easier to relate to the kids at this point of learning coz I feel how they feel in terms of frustration and the satisfaction of getting the language acquisition right.

      The daily commute is what's making me not so happy.

  2. Welcome back Meow! Indeed, kailangan lang positive lagi and always find joy and happiness in the simplest of things.

    Buti ka pa, ako puno na hard drive ng utak ko to learn a new language! :)

    1. Salamat Hunky Zai! Idol kita in terms of being positive and calm and fashion all the way :)

      Nah.. You're just too happy where you're at the moment in terms of language kaya di ka challenged to learn a new one but for sure, once you want to learn it, you'll get it too :) :)

  3. Na excite naman ako bigla sa bagong journey mo yccos, msaya ako para sayo, ang alam ko lang sa Japanese from our foreign language nung college ay yung biglang at nan desu ka? hahaha.

    I always believe that all things happen for a reason (Romans 8:28) all things work together for good including yung sorrows natin. Kaya nakakatawa man sabihin, pero enjoy mo lang yung sakit, hapdi, luha. :) nakakapag pa grow yan

    1. Thank you Steve! Hahaha.. I'm still new at this at nabablanko ako most of the time. Pero, for sure, kelangan i-push para sa mga pangarap in life :)

      I'm just in BGC area. Hope to bump into you somewhere... LOLS. kahit alam kong mej malayo na to from McKinley.

      Yes, things happen for a reason. People come and go. And rewards are only given to those you keep on going. Kaya, push lang nang push. Whatever this is, I am blessed in many ways I can think of.


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