That Thing Called Sleep.

Routines. Routines. Routines.

Alarm snoozes at 5AM. Then I put in on snooze again after 10 minutes. I wish to extend for another 10, but that would mean I would either be late or I'll never gonna get up.
Get up. Cook rice. Make coffee. Prep lunch box. Sip coffee. Take a bath. Dress up. Decide to bring laptop or tablet. Commute. Walk. Work. Go home. Read. Bum. Work. Sleep.
Do this 5 times a week.

Wash. Dry. Press.
House chores.
Read. Read. Read.

Nihonggo class. Church. Fambam. Go home. Sleep.

Back to Monday-Friday routine.

This has been my life for a month now and I am getting used to it. It seems slow but it feels normal. The morning walk to school from the jeepney terminal has become a habit and my morning exercise. I used to despise the red color but since it is the color of my uniform, I just got used to having it next to my skin. The changing of shoes to and from indoor shoes is a usual thing to do before and after work. At home, after resting for another hour or so, I would start with the second job. After which, I would call it a day. Tuck myself to bed and do it from number 1 all over again.

Though sleep has been very light lately, I still manage to go with the routine. I would wake up very light-headed wanting to sleep more. This week has been very challenging as I keep experiencing dizziness and headache. I am not sure if its with my eyeglasses or if I really just need to get good, deep sleep soon.

Oh sleep. You are still that one thing that is hard to catch. Hard to find. Hard to do. Why oh why. Where art thou oh deep sleep? Th


  1. Routine sets the pattern, the discipline, that could pave way to many other things beyond our current trend. Realize and familiaring with the "routine" is a key step to identify what else we can do or we might still need or can improve on. See, routine is not bad at all. We just dont have to let the routine kill us. ;)

    Like identifying the issue with the sleeping habit. You can find a way to solve it because you know your pattern, you know what and where you need to adjust on in order to give more time for sleeping. A sound sleep sometimes is all we need to resolve our worries in the world. Naks! Haha.

  2. It is the heat my friend. I do not know how hot it is right now in Manila but I am guessing we have similar weather patterns. It also gives me a headache when I am out and then inside the airconditioned classroom. With sleep, it is either too short or too long/much thus the headache. Do visit an eye doctor as maybe your glasses need adjustment. Take care!

  3. Congratulations on your new "normal"! Still, not getting enough sleep is bad. Perhaps you can consult with your doctor re this and ask for prescription (if all else fails).

    Nihonggo class! How special! Papalapit na nang papalapit si pangarap!


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