Brief and Sweet Escape.

Today is July 24, 2015.

I am used to having my day figured out even before it started. Not that it always happen that way, but at least, I had something to look forward to.

For today's morning schedule was a brunch date with my former housemate to catch up about life musings and update about each other's lives. The schedule has been blocked a week before the day. That's how we both want to set things in our lives--on routine, on schedule.

Afternoon was for an orientation seminar regarding a job opportunity I had been longing for.

I had been battling the thought of my itchy feet wanting to go to Tagaytay. It has been awhile that I had done something so spontaneous and so random. It seems that everything has been planned, calculated and accounted for.

At around 4pm, I texted up a friend asking what's the fastest way to go to Tagaytay but knowing it may take forever to get an answer, I decided to just make a phone call. And viola! I got my directions.

As soon as I hopped into the bus, I had it all figured out. Estimated time of arrival. Where will I eat dinner. Possible dinner options. And of course, that coffee and the spot in the view deck where I will sit and how long will I stay there. Estimated travel time homebound.

And it all went on a I had them figured out in my head.

I felt accomplished for the day. I realize how I miss long bus rides. How I manage to sleep althroughout the trip and them pumped up with energy upon reaching my destination.

I didn't mind having dinner alone and sitting down at one corner of the view deck while sipping my coffee. I turned off my phone for awhile, hoping to be detached from everything and everybody. I just stared at the darkness. I didn't flinch when the lightning struck. Making that fine white line across the sky, illuminating the horizon for a brief second. I was just staring.

Then, it's time to go home. I still don't want to. But I know that I have to. Next time, I'll do it again. My brief and sweet escape.

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  1. Wow, lakas maka emo, pero sa totoo lang, ako din ganayan, kasi pakiramdam ko mas magiging productive ako kapag lahat ng plans laid out. Isa pa, masarap din ang long travels,as long as... my headset ka. :) hahaha

  2. I long to do something like this, alone, no driver to take me, just me and my bag, on a bus somewhere.
    The long drive can be exhausting but I know that it will become a long reflection of things transpiring and will transpire while admiring the sceneries. Thanks for reminding me of my youthful days, going alone as far as Catanduanes just to see the falls.

  3. Yey! I love this moment of yours :)
    (tama ba yung english ko hahaha)

    Matagal na ring nasa isip ko ang ganyan, yung magpaka layu-layo nang mag-isa.
    I need to be lost to find myself, hahaha.


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