Sunday's Test

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. 

A few more hours to go before I take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test! 

Four months ago, I had decided to dedicate my weekend, my time, my funds to learning this new language for a bigger, brighter and more "okane" future. Haha. And on Sunday, just like many hopefuls, I will take the exam as part of my ticket to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

My study habits weren't really that serious @_@ I had only given so much time for studies the past two weeks, but before that, it was just usually a bit of reading, translation, sentence-pattern familiarization, watching J-dramas and a little bit of goofing around with the kids in school. 

Most of the people who know me, knows that I will be taking the exam and are all very supportive. My parents and siblings would even take time to visit me on Sunday nights or on Skype. One of my co-teachers offered her time and Nihonggo skills to teach me for the past four days! She tutored me most of the things I now know and I will be forever grateful to her. We stayed late, usually until 9pm at a coffeeshop downstairs from my school. Friends who understand that I can't go anywhere else just now and would check on me every now and then. 

Though, I still fear that what I know may not be enough :( and it will be shameful to these people if I fail. But still, I can only hope for the best for Sunday. 

I am dreading at the same time excited for Sunday to come. 

I think I am not yet ready for Sunday coz it seems that weekends spent in school and the final week on a rush are not yet enough. I can only hope it is. I just need to stop panicking. 

I look forward for it to be over soon, as it is a moment when my agonies will soon be over and I can focus on far more important things--- teaching and learning new skills and knowledge about what I do now. English as a Second Language (ESL) is being taught entirely of different nature from how I learned English when I was a kid, add the fact that I am teaching younger ones this time. I still need more readings and inputs from veteran preschool teachers. 

There are also family matters that I would like to get involved as always, particularly my parents' health condition. So, I just can't wait for Sunday to be over soon. 

Aaahhh. So help me God. I would like to claim passing the test with flying colors but whatever the result is, I know God has a plan for me and in Him, I put all the grace and glory. 

Tick tock. Tick tock. 

For now, let me catch some sleep. Zzzzzzz 


  1. Bet ko yung more okane future hahaha!
    Good luck and God bless cher Kat, pumanatag ka lang :)


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