My Life in One Word

Papa dropped me off at the pedestrian bridge right after this afternoon church service. This is unusual coz I usually attend the morning church service and spend the afternoons on other stuff I had scheduled for the day.

As I was making my way up the wet and a bit muddy stairs, I was trying to find a description of my life. Then came the word “boring” to which I shake my head and gave a deep sigh while making my way down the other side of the bridge. I shook my head, this is the effect of too much browsing on social media and forgetting the important stuff.

My life my really seem to be “boring” compared to how it was before.

I work the normal work hours, the normal work days. Weekends just got opened recently since the language class was over. But I am enrolled again for higher studies, I’m still occupied on the weekends. Though I made sure to free up my Sundays for fambam moments and as a breather before the new week begins. Saturdays are usually for house chores, just staying at home and pretending to be busy studying or flipping pages of one of the books I had started to read but never get to finish just yet. I don’t usually do a lot of morning chores, but if I have to, it would: feeding the fishes on two separate tanks, settling the chickens around the backyard where they can go around and feed them as well, sweeping the yard and picking up the goldmines excreted by our to grumpy dogs. Then, my laundry and other things that needed attention. Cooking is under dire circumstances only. 

Weekdays are the same or crazy specially when a colleague needs to be absent without prior notice. Scheduling and delegating students to new teachers are never easy tasks. Or covering for one. After school, I need to be out at exactly 5pm so I can catch the bus specially on rainy days coz if I miss it, that would mean traffic along with other stressful commuter problems that goes with it.

Not so much time for hanging out, travelling, shopping or trekking nor taking photos.

Taking a deeper look into my life, it ain’t actually boring. It’s a blessed one.

I have a Godly family. I have supportive parents and siblings. I am going through a lot of frustrations right now, yet they still manage to tell me that it will be ok and to just let things flow. I have very minimal shares for expenses at home and for my youngest sister’s tuition fee, yet I don’t hear anything from them. I don’t know until when. Hahaha. But really, much as I enjoy my job here in the Philippines, I know that I can do more and share more if I move out for a few years.

I have a great tito and tita whom I am living with right now. Seeing them every day and sharing with their daily skits and jokes, I couldn’t wish for nothing else but a good relationship like theirs. I’ve seen them have misunderstandings and I’ve seen them reconcile. It’s nothing perfect yet it’s real.

I have amazing set of friends online and offline. I seem to have all types of them. The ones I can talk about sensible stuff, about my desperate and hopeless romantic musings, accept my “sabaw” moments, tell me when I am acting stupid, overthinking or losing myself. They are also the ones that remind me that everything has its own perfect time and that I should never, ever lose hope.

Most of all, I am blessed coz I have faith that He will give me my heart’s desires and He will give me the best ones so I can also do more for others.

I would like to think that this is just a phase. As a reminder from my cousin, I should just take care of myself right now because I am my capital to my bigger goals. Life right now may feel like a "boring" one just because I am preparing for something grander. This is also a time pay attention to things that really matters as a reminder why I do what I do.

Sa ngayon, kapit lang muna sa pangrap. Wag bibitaw. 


  1. Kapit sa pangarap! Haha sometimes silence can seem really loud and so it's hard to find moments of clarity like what you just wrote. Thank you for this. It helps to count your blessings.

  2. It is not boring, though monotonous day to day activities they may seem, they are all part of something grand. When you then stop and reflect on the many blessings, for one having close family members and friends around, you are indeed luckier than a lot of people. God bless!


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