I know that my red flag days are gonna be up anytime soon that’s why I am like this.

Simple things at work get me irritated. I can’t concentrate (but I’m not really sure if I had to connect this to PMSing coz I seem to have ADD even on regular days).

Waking up with aches in almost all parts of my body—my lower back, my boobs, my head. It’s just all over! I don’t wanna get up.

Craving for all sorts of tastes. Yesterday, it was the sour taste, that’s why I had Love Potion #31 at Baskin Robbins. The raspberry-flavored ice cream was heavenly. Earlier today, I was craving for something sweet, I deprived myself though. Instead, I went shopping for a dress. Haha. Ang lala. I just saw a white, straight-cut dress displayed in one shop and found it irresistible. Tomorrow, I wonder what I would be craving for?

Uncomfortable feeling during heavy days! If I’m even luckier, I would also have pimples. Like right now, I have two pimples on my forehead.

As of today, I am still on my PreMenstrualSyndrome stage. I try to divert my attention on other things, trying to avoid self-pity moments. It’s a good thing that my new colleague is a bit understanding about me being irrational and all lately.

Talking to people about other stuff other had also been able to keep me busy and occupied. A friend asked me about where to download a certain digital copy of book which he couldn't find and I gladly put my internet skills to test. It took me probably a couple of hours to get it and even if I didn’t, I would not stop until I get it.

PMSing can make me a bit persistent than normal. I notice simple details and lapses and it easily makes me angry. It’s just crazy.

What I hate the most is the idea that I am well-aware of my being irrational at these times of the month and I can’t help but still be on that behavior. It’s just difficult to manage. Sometimes, telling people that I am PMSing can also be a bit embarrassing.

Hayst. As it was mentioned in my morning TEDtalk piece which I forgot all about the title, the speaker said: “if we want to be successful, don't focus on the goal, focus on the behavior.”  

How do I do that while PMSing?