Start Small

Start Small

As a promise to myself, I opened my personal COL account! I’d been reading a few finance books and also had a few friends who had started their investments on stocks and eventhough I had experienced the simulation games with the PSE and a week trial account with the then CitiSec Online, it took me almost forever to be able to set up my own one. Truly, forever doesn't exist coz now, I have my own.

Trade or Invest? My friend asked what I really want to do. I said, INVEST, since I am not really a trained trader and also I have a day job and wont be able to focus on the market changes all the time.

So right now, I had put my first Php 5,000.00 investment in 3 minor stocks/baskets and currently I have a 0.98% gain roughly 45 points, with the points being equivalent to peso. Forty-five pesos gained in a span of 2 weeks, something that I wont accumulate as interest if I just deposit my money in the bank.

I invested on EDC (Energy Development Corp) coz I believe in their goals of providing and putting up renewable sources of energy for this nation.

I invested on MWC (Manila Water Company, Inc) because I remember the advise of my cousin, either you invest on blue chip ones or you invest on basic commodities. Basic needs will never be easily swayed in the market. Also, they actually grow with the inflation.

I invested on COL (COL Financial Group, Inc) coz it’s the very platform where I invest and earn, might as well help keep it running and operating.

I am planning to subscribe to Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club as well for more sound and timely advice. But that probably wont be until I gain extra funds in the next few months. I just enrolled in Graduate School again, so I am little of short with funds and I have to prioritize.

Oh well, I am still that impulsive buyer and expensive coffee hoarder but I am learning. It’s hard. It’s hard to stop myself from shopping and eating and spending. It’s hard. How many times do I have to write that?

Little by little, I am learning to be more responsible with how I handle my finances and my priorities in life. Though, there are still slips of the moments and I am aware of it.

I thought I wont be able to do this, but here it is! I have opened an account and it makes me feel like an adult. Dang!


  1. You're such a grown up! haha I read this article noon of this maida who started investing na din. Apparently, yung amo niya is nag-ttrade din. She was able to quit her job na! May asenso!

  2. Wala akong labas ng loob sa mga stock-stock na ganyan :P Masyadong volatile. Nenerbyosin lang ako :P


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