The Tony

Last night, after the online class and taking down notes for my own studies, I watched Brooklyn. Of all people, I didn’t realize until last night that it was a recommendation coming from a guy who had to ask me a few times before I gave into the idea that I really should watch it. Coz for sure, I probably would get the same question next week. Haha.

It’s a love story set in the famous Brooklyn, New York, thus the title Brooklyn. A love story between two immigrants: Eilis (pronounced as /Ey-lish/) an Irish girl who came all the way from Ireland in search of career growth and Tony, an Italian blood boy, who grew up in New York.
It also depicted the struggle with homesickness of working away from home and different coping ways people do to survive. True enough, homesickness can make one deeply sad, but it doesn't kill you. Along the way, it also showed that no matter where we go, we will meet strangers who would be there to rescue us just in time.

Love found its way at a weekend Irish dance. The Italian boy would always come to the said weekend ball, just because he likes Irish women. Tony knows “what” he wanted. Then one weekend, he suddenly knew “who” he liked the most.

It was a typical love story I might say. So typical.

Tony asked Eilis out for a date then more dates. Reserved and a gentleman.
Tony asked Eilis if he can take her to meet his parents. Serious enough.
Tony would pop up to pick up Eilis after her night classes. Supportive.
Tony shared his dreams to Eilis. Persevering and ambitious.
Tony convinced her to marry him. Witty and possessive.
Tony wrote her letters. Romantic.

Tony waited for her to come back to Brooklyn. Faithful and loyal.

I cried a lot. Good thing I had a pack of tissue prepared and I still have a few rolls. Thinking about it, I probably would have cried the same amount if I watched it at the cinema before.

I am a self-confessed hopeless romantic, nonetheless, the love story I am wishing for is just like that in the movie. Not so much bold moves, big surprises and giddiness. It was a love story that had flowed smoothly and patiently. And two adults talking honestly to each other. Supportive of each other.

I guess that’s real love, no matter where you go, you will always come back to the arms of the person you chose to love. And you would also be patient enough to wait for their return.

Oh I’m crying again. Arghhh…..