Train to Busan: Perfect Mix Up

Last Sunday, I watched Train to Busan with a friend, I really thought that I would have to watch it alone since my friend had other stuff to do. I still bought two tickets even though I had a feeling that I will watch it alone with a heavy heart, wrath comes later.  But lo and behold, at the last minute, my friend arrived.

I still rarely watch in the cinemas, but when I do, I make sure that it's really something I want to spend money on. Train to Busan was one of them. This will be my last splurge on a weekend since I had enrolled myself again to MA studies. After this, it's either just gonna be coffee or if it's a free treat, then that's the only time I can go out again. Hehehe.

Anyway, the Train to Busan film is really a very nice film. It's a mix of almost everything-- drama, comedy, romance, suspense and gore. The director of the movie was able to have it all in this one movie. The actors and actresses were able to perfectly execute their characters in the story.

Train to Busan evolves around different kinds of stories of love and affection, different kind of personalities and priorities: husband and wife, father and daughter, teenage romance, son and mother, and sibling love. All in a zombie outbreak setting.
It starts with the main character of a newly-divorced father who had gained custody of his daughter. He is so busy with his job and had her daughter being taken care of by his own mother. Longing for affection, the child's sole birthday request was a trip to Busan to visit her mother. It was a tough decision to make but knowing that he had a lot of shortcomings, he yielded into his daughter's request and very early the following day, they boarded the Train to Busan. 

Seated together are two old ladies. Siblings.
On board as well was a couple. The woman being a few months pregnant. Since pregnant women are noted for being demanding and mood swings, the husband was "under the saya" and always at her beck and call.

In another tube, a college baseball group was present. The girl cheerleader had a huge crush with one of the players but she is consistently being ignored or shouted at by the boy. Still, he had no choice but to get stuck with her. She told him, "I like you. You just have to accept it."

The most annoying character in the story is that of a man who had exhibited greed and selfishness almost at the entire length of the movie. He just wanted to go home because his mother is waiting for him in Busan.

I realized a few things after watching:

Sacrifice. The highest form of love is sacrifice. For the others to survive, they had to sacrifice their own lives or die with them.

Adrenaline rush. One can have unimaginable strength and stamina in this state. A pregnant woman had been through a lot of stress yet she was able to endure it.

Goodness underneath. Even the most wicked man can have a hidden side of goodness. Only that, the means to prove that goodness aren't able to justify the actions. He just wanted to go home and see his mother.

My friend said it wasn't the usual zombie movie. I really have no point of comparison on my end since my zombie knowledge is limited to that of The Walking Dead Season 1. I cried at the end part of the story. Just a bit and that is already an achievement. Haha. The usual uneasy feeling in my stomach had also been present while watching the movie, plus the "gulatan portions". I was perspiring a bit while in the movie house, not sure if that was because of the movie or because the cinema was jam-packed. But after 1 hour and 58 minutes, the movie was over and I felt relieved.

Capping the night with a seafood combo dinner and that yoghurt ice cream pronounced as "Yao-yao". I can't wait to go back and try that passion fruit sauce with the kiwi toppings next time.