92nd Post

Ninety-one posts and this one being the 92nd for the year 2016. So far, that is the highest number of blogs I had done in my almost 4 years of writing.

While my companions are busy singing on our new Magic Sing, I am taking time browsing on my entries for 2016 that has been.

The first quarter was notably all about heartaches and failed expectations. Nonetheless, it didn't stop me from dreaming my dreams. Second quarter came, and it became all about routines and going through with every day, a few more failures, nonetheless, I am grateful. I believe that God answered my prayer on my birthday and then the next last two quarters came with more surprises.

December had been a "buhay-baboy" month! LOL. Breaking the record of length of unemployment to almost 6 weeks from that of 3 weeks last first quarter of 2016. Taking time to sort personal stuff and get caught up with a few people.

2016 had been all about me. It made me see the people and circumstances turning in or out of my life. It hurt me yet it also showed me moments that made me feel that I am loved.

No matter how great my ambitions are, my happiness revolves around simple things such as my faith, family and great friends online and offline.

2017 will be a time to hopefully pay it forward and share more than I can ever receive.


  1. Found your blog from Jonathan.

    Happy New Year. May you have a blessed 2017. :-)

  2. Awww, how touching naman this post. BUt don't worry. It is only a phase. Things will get better. for me, 2009 wasn't really a great year. It was the start of a horrible moment in life, up until 2014. Maraming ups and downs. but since 2014, things have been getting better and I do hope it stays like that. Darating din ang break sayo.

    And yes, so glad to be back blog-hopping. Hopefully hindi lang sa simula ito.

    Nag buhay-baboy din ako recently. But i will try my best to be fit and healthy, mainly because i want to get more attention and get laid, or be sexy and have a following of perverts. I don't mind perverts. at least i get their attention. LOL!

    Whatever happened to that job post in Japan?


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