What I Am Thinking When I Am Walking

With lost hours on waiting and on the road, I decided to change a few things with my daily travel schedule.

In the morning, instead of catching the 7:20AM trip, I decided to take the 6:30AM trip, adjusting my wake up time to 5AM. I reach the vicinity very early, I get off the bus stop, 3 blocks away from my school, so I can have a morning walk. Every day, I pass by the same landmarks, yet I still get amaze looking at the same things every day. I wish I can just walk my way to work every day. I mean, no more commuting involved at all.

I can't help but smile whenever I get to see a rainbow. 

As I walk, I think about what I will do for the day. What I’ll do as soon as I reach my workstation. Which folders to pull out from the files, which worksheets to print, ask my buddy how to execute a lesson, which props and pictures to work on. Before I get right into the doorstep of the school, it’s as if, I had a picture of how my day will go.

Ohh. I miss this part. I don't pass by this area anymore since I started taking the bus.  

But it’s not always like that. Sometimes, it’s very far from how I had pictured it to be. Most of the time actually. Still, the day goes by until the moment it’s time to call it a day.

Guess which building is my school located. LOL.
I used to wait for the bus in the afternoons homebound. But since there were only 2 buses enroute, waiting time usually takes as much as 1.5 hours every day plus the traffic during rush hours. When I get home, they were usually done with dinner. Commuting is the most tiring part of my day.

This was the first and the last time I saw this with the lights on. 

I decided to get back to my afternoon walks from school to the jeepney terminal at the mall. It usually takes 15 minutes if I am in a hurry or as much as 30 minutes if I am taking my time.

I like passing by under this yarn curtain. I keep thinking of a title for this artwirk but I can't think of a good one. 

I take my time thinking if I should buy a doughnut, drop by National Bookstore, window-shop or go straight home. If I go straight home, what will I be doing after I wash the dishes. Will I study first? Or will I read that novel first? Or start a new one? What time will I log in at IRC? What time will I sleep? Will I practice calligraphy tonight? Watch something? Or write? Or just troll on facebook? I keep reminding myself that I should change my music playlist. It has been the same one since I can’t remember when. But when I reach home, it never gets to be changed. It will be the same playlist the following day.


At the jeepney terminal, if I am lucky enough, there will be a short line of people waiting for the passenger vehicle or no line at all. Then I am home just on time for dinner.

I try to accomplish as much as I can before I go to bed.

It’s cyclical. Routinely. Boring. Ok fine, let me say it then, lonely at times.

I look forward to days that I can share how my day had gone to #DFB. Not that I don't like sharing it with my mom or my sibs and a few friends who bother to ask.

It would probably be nice to share days with the one. In due time.

For now, let me enjoy this moment on my own.