21st Day and More to Come.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Today, I am on my 21st day of living in Miyazaki, Japan.

Work has been all about learning how things get done and getting acquainted with people in the office. Observing and asking. Sometimes, even asking if they need help with anything coz there are idle times for now. I get one weekday off which changes depending on my manager's mood and a Sunday off.

This is a photo dump of some of the few things that happened for the past 21 days.

I forgot the name of this pathway, but my colleague said that before passing through this red posts, one must make a wish. 

I will take a photo of this certain tree per season and see how it changes through time. 

This is one of the famous dishes here in Miyazaki, Chicken Nanban 

After a long day, there is a spot called foot bath and it's for free! It feels good to soak one's feet in warm water after an hour of cycling. One just needs to bring his/her own towel for wiping and drying. 

Having my daily dose of matcha with this local version of "puto" from Daiso. 

One of tmust-visit restaurant coz they have a menu in english. LOL. Sobrang sulit ng food for only 680 yen. 

Pork ginger on top of shredded cabbage salad with tofu. Yummmersss! 

This is a great place to buy second had stuff and gadgets. My eyes glittered seeing the Casio, Roland and Yamaha stuff! My sister and my father will find this place a heaven on earth. LOL. 

Slowly filling up the walls of my soon-to-be classroom. 

My Irish colleague suggested I visit this gai-jin bar (foreigners' bar) named The Bar. The lady-owner had been so welcoming and she speaks tagalog too! The guy was a Kiwi surfer who loved Miyazaki and put up this bar instead. They've been in the city for more than a decade now.  

The local beer. Ang mahal ng beer dito! Whyyyyyyyyyy........

This is like their Divisoria complex. 

I bought this veggie without even knowing it's name. Thanks to google translate, it told me, its name is chrysanthemum which I didn't believe at first so I had to send a photo to my cousin who lives in Niigata and asked if its edible. LOL. 

Tried cooking that famous winter soup-- Nabe. Well, I just bought the soup in the grocery and just started dumping veggies and meat the covered it until it turned to a boil. 


  1. Kumusta mga students mo? Good to know your enjoying your time there.


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