It's time for her to go.

Today is a somersault of emotions.

I keep waking up very early in the morning and have difficulty getting up in bed, recently. What is wrong with me?

Since today is day off, I was suppose to go to Conversation class with my friends but that didn't happen. I decided to just meet them for lunch and go to another appointment at 3pm. I was just planning to buy an electric fan coz I can't afford to keep using the AC, too much for daily consumption. Then, Ms. L told me that I should not bother to go buy one coz she will just give me one of their old ones that isn't being used at home. Lucky me! That saves me almost 5000 yen on my budget.

Later that day, I went to meet another friend from the university to catch up. It went well. I don't know when is the next one since we never really got to have matched schedules.

Then, as usual, window shopping at the mall that never really ends up as just window shopping. I got myself a discounted silver ring and a pair of earrings. I saw a ring I liked that fits my ring finger, it would have been nice in there. But I had decided to just stop wearing a ring on a my ring finger coz it my sent a wrong signal to the universe that I am already committed and thus, nobody approaches me anymore. Instead, I got myself a ring that fits my middle finger. I left the building with those and minced garlic in a bottle and a can of tropical fruits. Coz, really, I can't go out of the mall without buying anything. I was supposed to check out laptops and mobile phone at nearby electronic shop but I totally forgot about it since I got stuck choosing a ring. Hayst.

Dinner. Dinner. I had no dinner plans which means, I might just end up with a sandwich and a Kiwi Sour mix but Tita G called up and asked about dinner plans. She wanted to meet up at McDo. I agreed and said that I will just drop off my stuff and meet her there.

As I was walking my way up the stairs to my unit, I received two messages from my friends in Manila about our common friend, passing away just a few hours ago. I can't believe what I just read. She just posted a few throwbacks a few days ago. Last night, I just remembered some of our gatherings as I browse old photos. I took a deep breath and then, just smiled. I guess, its her time to rest. Final rest. After two kindey transplants and a pacemaker support for two years, it's time for her to go. I will always remember her as a jolly Tita I and a very optimistic person at that.

Tomorrow, Tita G asked if I want to come for an early driving tour to Tsuno, so I have to wake up very early and prepare my stuff since I still have to work at 10am. It will be an early countryside roadtrip, I just can't say no to. HEHEHE.

Alarm set, bag packed, breakfast ready. Tomorrow is another day.

365 QOTD
The last thing I bought myself was _________________.

The last thing I bought myself was a pair of silver earrings and a ring.