What is your current account balance?

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What is your current account balance?

Oh. That is difficult to answer.
For one, I have several bank accounts. LOL.
Second, I really don't have that much.
Aside from a very small stocks portfolio and balanced-funding insurance policy, all I have are savings accounts that doesn't really much in it. Just enough for me to get through life and make sure that I save a little for the future.

Today, though I still have flu and little bit of a bad throat, I felt way better than yesterday.

I also tried to finish writing a case study for one of my subjects in MA class but I am not really satisfied with it, I am having this speculation that my teacher would be returning it to be for revamp and all the necessary changes. If I will have difficulty passing this subject, I would understand. But definitely, I would never give up on it. Little steps. Little steps.

I had a great night with my Japanese friends. We did our English chat a little different than usual. Mr. Y organized the event in his new house, so it appeared like a EnglishChatXHousewarming, since it was a new house he had just acquired.

Everybody had a good time. We had food, drinks and booze. It is really amazing how people tend to let loose when alcohol kicks in their veins-- the silent becomes chatty, the taboo topics become conversation topics and the just lots of laughing and spilling out of questions and answers with no holds barred. If only we can all be that honest on a daily basis without alcohol, I think things would flow more smoothly and fairly for every body.

There are certain life decisions I had recently made out of intuition and I still trying to test the waters. As always, gotta prepare for the worst. But for now, everything seems to flow smoothly and I am thankful.


  1. My bank account is: € Poor/Almost-Bankrupt/Ravaged by Heavy Withdrawals.

    And my credit card is : €Ravaged by Violent Swiping on Pinpads.



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