Just keep going. Keep praying for.

I always write best when I am hurting. But now, my hands are shaking, my eyes would suddenly start to water, and I would suddenly just stare.

What have I done? We were just so happy that night and then a few moments later, there was a fight that is blurry as to how it all started and then I am back to that pitiful self of mine. That kind of person I have been trying to rescue myself from.

I am hurting. I am scared that by the time he gives his answer, it is not something I would like to hear.

For a long time, I prayed to God that whoever he is, that he hurry up finding me. I have been keeping myself out in the open for him to find me, and how that there is this guy who had chosen me, then maybe because of that fight, I might lose him.

Have a little faith, Kat.
Everything is going to be alright.
Just keep going. Keep praying for.