Flu flu go away

Life seem to have this cunning ways of choosing when to hit me with sickness. Just in time when I have made plans to write more. MA classes had also started with tons of readings and forums to read and messages to reply to. Ugh.

Dearydeay life, just bring it on. As if you gave me or will give me any choice should I choose to resist. Remember I have a God bigger than you.

I thought Im solid rock and flu can never ever get into me. But today, I seem to be losing my immune system defenses and I have been having headache and been sniffing endlessly. If I could stay in bed the whole day, I definitely would. I want to eat something with soup, something warm but I dont want udon or soba. I dont want any noodles in a cup as well. I want the thick, red and spicy soup of tomato ramen. Hayst. Why does it have to be too far :(

I had taken vit. C tablets hoping it can still do something to prevent me from getting sick. Let's see how far it goes. So far, I am enjoying typing away in my Blackberry Priv.

Happy thoughts. Grateful moments.

Flu, you got me this time but not for long. I hope.

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  1. Hindi ako madalas magkasakit. Minsan if I have fever, I'll just call work and ask for the three-day sick leave, sleep for one whole day and get one tablet for fever, and I'll be ok the next day. I was young then and stronger. Now it's different. Last time I got sick, I had flu too, 2 days before new year. And I was sick for 10 days. My goodness! on the fourth day, I still had fever and I was considering to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I can be so extra and be such a drama queen when I'm sick. LOL! My body is not as strong as it used to be five years ago. Ayoko na talaga magkasakit.

    Anyway, I hope you get well soon!

  2. Sending prayers, Kat. Get well real soon.


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