What are you looking for from life?

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What are you looking for from life?

A The Walking Dead marathon buddy. LOL.

Meaning. Finding reasons to live, to be a better version of myself every day for the people I care the most. Find the strength to reach out when I am weak.

Quite a tiring day.

I had set up my online excel page of expenses, hoping to be able to keep track of my financial habits.

Tried selling one of my stocks portfolio but for some reasons, it got cancelled. It was a bit of a loss sell, but still not a sell since it didn't go through, I will just place it again tomorrow.

I am halfway the book I am reading right now and I ought to finish it before the month ends.

Joyful's kimchi soup is my next favorite to Tomato Ramen.

It's that time of the month again. My hormones are crazy and only a very patient boyfriend from the distant future can understand. The previous one got shocked at the initial state of hormonal imbalance. So, help me God.


  1. I always say that I would like to be a powerful tycoon and control the economy and the politics of the land where my business interests are operating. But that's really just part of my delirium. Deep inside I just want a life that lacks nothing. A cool apartment here in Italy, a job that I really like, be able to build my dream house in Puerto Prinsesa, renovate our ancestral house in Laguna, be able to eat in fancy restaurants, and travel every now and then. That's all. And casual sex with random strangers. Because married life is boring. Lol!

    As for hormonal imbalance. Well, I usually have that, minus the vagina. Baka tutuba na siya finally. hahaha!

  2. Natawa ako sa excel sheet para magtrack ng finance. I do this din lalo na kapag may pinaghahandaan at nakalagay na sila sa small envelop hahaha

  3. i stop watching the walking dead from its last season as the story is becoming obvious.


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