I wish I had __________.

365 QOTD

I wish I had __.

I wish I had said (hi)!

But of course, I wouldn't have the initiative.

Weekend has been going well, more usually as planned. So far, all within the due dates and every reading requirements covered.

I just get to be amazed by people I meet. Today, I met a director-turned-illustrator, a teacher-athlete and an art history major. Also a designer but we never really get to talk coz of my limited Japanese skills just yet.

With good friends around, I still manage to unwind at my favorite place and hang out with good people.

I can't be more grateful to them. I am really a little bit worried about how my cooking had gone the last time. Hopefully they can give me the chance to redeem myself. LoL.

Funny as it may seem. Weird for others, I am still affected with the break up, yet, I manage to go to the place where it all started, as if I am fine and someone who had completely moved on.

With awesome friends and family, I know that I will be okay.My (heart) is thankful every day.

These people remind me that I have no choice but to be a better person every day.

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  1. True. There is no other choice but to be the best version of you.

    Btw, what happened to Jonathan? I missed his online presence on Facebook and on Blogger?

    1. I dont think he is still blogging but he is still on facebook and instagram :)

  2. Go lang cher Kat! :) More power!

    1. Anu pa nga ba.... Push lang talaga nang push. HAHAHA :)

  3. February 13. I wish I had a date. Out of nowhere came two girls. Not the kind of ménage à trois that I wished for but at least they took me out to dinner. Charity work daw para sa charity case na katulad ko. LOL! At least February seems to be treating you well.... and yes, you will be able to redeem yourself somehow. You really have to pull yourself up. Everybody else can be there, but it has to start from you too.

    1. Ni-google ko pa yung ménage à trois tapos nipractice kong banggitin, tapos nagulat ako sa meaning! HAHAHA. Kakaloka! Tsaka malamang hindi yun yung wish mo kasi pareho silang girl, pero kung boylets yun, ewan ko na lang kung anong kinahinatnan nyan. Hehe.

      I just always think na sobrang babaw pa nitong pinag-uugatan ng mga drama ko sa life compared sa mga pinagdadaanan ng ibang tao. Kaya push lang nga talaga.


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