If you could do today over, would you change anything?

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If you could do today over, would you change anything?

Aside from the upset stomach in the later part of the afternoon, I probably would like to keep my day as it has been today.

I usually wake up around 6am and then instantly grab for my phone from the steps of bed stairs and do a timecheck (Weird coz I seem to have a sense of time by then. LOL) Then, I doze off again for a few minutes and then I check my phone again. I keep telling myself to get up at 7am but since it has been very cold, I negotiate to my “future self” for an 8am getup time. I usually get to accomplish that.

Today, I had pancake, a cup of coffee and scrambled egg with meatloaf for breakfast. Then, I prepared for my Wednesday Nihonggo Class. I prepared a lower level reading material to work on with my teacher because the previous once were a bit difficult for me. We finished 3 sets of reading exercises today and I am totally grateful to my teachers. They seem to have enjoyed having me read the passage sounding more a bit confident. Just because the entries were a bit easier this time. I need to have these drills before I jump to the next level reading challenge. So, morning went well.

The day at the job had been quite busy. Manageable. Then, came my lunch break.

I had grown the habit of visiting a nearby bakery shop and would choose two types of bread for snacks . No more coffee, just a glass of lemon water to go with it. Then, I usually go over what I had studied in the morning and then review it. However, this afternoon, I saw one of my former students and I said “Hi” to her before I sat in one corner. A few minutes later, she came to me with a cup of ice cream and asked if she can sit beside me. We had a good chat. She passed some computer education exam and was so happy about it thus, she wanted to have a cup of strawberry ice cream to celebrate with her. I told her that I am trying to learn Nihonggo and I totally know how it feels to 
learn a new language. Then, she tried to go over my reading material wished me good luck. We parted ways as my lunch break is already and she has 4 minutes to catch her train as well.

Then, I went back to work. After work, I walk my home onto a chilly evening breeze of Miyazaki City. Bought supplies, cooked dinner, folded clothes and did the evening rituals.

Finishing the night with an episode of Black Mirror Season 1. I just started watching it over the weekend and it's quite a fitting pair to the completed Bored and Brilliant. It's disturbing.

So yes, I am ending my night with a disturbing ideas on tech slavery, virtual reality replacing personal connections, cyberbullying and augmented reality as the new "real" reality.

I intend to keep my day as it was.


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