What mood were you in today?

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What mood were you in today?

Today’s mood was pretty normal. Or hungry normal. LOL. I think, I am finished with the pre-menstrual syndrome stage for the month that’s why I had been a bit more productive today compared to the past few days. Also, I had been tasked to do school decorations, and that has always been a fun thing to do.

So, I haven’t written  this week until this, I guess.. I used to have a yearly Valentine post, but for some reasons, I had cut the tradition this year. But I do plan to write that yearly #DFB letter. I’m sure, my Dear Future Boyfriend, whoever he is, is waiting to read what’s in store for this year. Since I am finished with the forums, I will be able to write it this coming weekend or not really if I can’t have the energy. LOL.

I am supposed to start writing for my first paper and hopefully, tomorrow, I can get a hold of the textbook I would need for critiquing. And then, I can utterly pretend that I am a busy student, a responsible adult and a lifelong learner. HAHAHA.

I haven’t talked to my sibs since Tuesday which is actually not normal coz I am used to talking to them every day. They probably thought that I should be left alone on Feb 14th. But I did receive messages that day and chocolates too! My Japanese couple friend were also nice enough to let me tag along on their V-day date. Maybe as a silent charity work. LOL. But I really do appreciate their kindness and their efforts of making me feel that I am part of their “family”.

So far, I am thinking ahead of game plans for Golden Week, and it looks like I will be staying in Miyazaki for the entire week as I have exams coming and also I intend to do intensive reviewing for the upcoming JLPT exams on July 2018.

I want to teach in a university or a school for teacher training for Japanese who wants to teach English. I want to let them realize that they can teach good English and that they can speak good English and that English is something used for communication and no language is superior than the other. So far ahead with my dreams and my plans. As always, just keep pushing.

DFB, I will write you a letter soon, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten you.