Where did you spend most of your time today?

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Where did you spend most of your time today?

I spent 9 hours at work today.
I usually go home for lunch break but rained the whole day so I had no choice but to bring my lunchbox to work.

I would like to think of this day as Terrific Tuesdays despite some inner failed expectations I had.

I woke up and got up and dressed up for my 30-minute pilates workout.

Prepped breakfast while listening to the audiobook of The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. I started reading this book last year but never really had the energy to digest everything because of the philosophical discussions that are too deep for my comprehension but for some reasons, listening to it, its thoughts made more sense to me. I am still on chapter one, so I still have a bit of a long way to go.

I worked on the outline of the final paper for this semester and I look forward to completing it by Thursday. Hoping that come Saturday, all I have to do is read more for the upcoming exams.

I went to work and tried to be as productive as much as I can.

It's some sort of a special Tuesday as my friends had organized a dinner party with a 10-liter Heineken beer barrel. They started the gathering around 7pm and I followed through around 9pm. It will always be the same circle of people I am comfortable to be my slacky and clumsy and funny self. We had pasta, vodka and specialty ice cream!!!!!! The ice cream part was the best.

I always had by siblings connected on the side, my youngest sending me filtered pictures of her, my mom and even our cats!

It is a terrific Tuesday in itself. And at the back of my head, it will still be more fun to have someone to talk to about it or share it with intimately.

Still, Lord, thank you for a good day, for all the blessings, and for taking care of me and my family and my friends.


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