Who was kind to you today?

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Who was kind to you today?

Tita Gladys gave me free breakfast! That's a very early show of kindness today :)

I woke up very early today, around 4:30am. Maybe because I have been really thinking of the papers I have to write and finish for today. I tried to sleep again but never got the chance to go on a deep sleep so I decided to get up and throw in the clothes into the washing machine and then prep myself for a morning jog. I went out around 6:45, planning to have an hour walking and jogging around the nearest running circuit. Then, Tita G said that I go by her house and pick up some food. She had put it in the mailbox and then she said she will go back to sleep because she slept late last night because she partied... She partied! While I slept around 11:30pm because I was so tired packing stuff for my trip.

Morning workout complete. Breakfast over. Laundry finished. Shower done. Time to face my dearydear laptop I named Hiro (this one is a bit funny coz a few days after I got my new laptop, I met a very handsome guy named Hiro, too. LOL), for today's grind and promise to myself of finishing the MA deliverables and write ups before I fly home. Though, when I come home, I still need review because I have an exam on the 4th of May--the very middle of my holiday. How sweet is universe!

It's 6PM and I am proud to say that it is mission accomplished!
Self-assessment/Reflection Complete
Peer Assessment Complete
Paper 2 on Cultures of Learning Complete

Next time, to sort out the learning materials for reviewing.

Oh yes, this is how I will spend my holidays :)

After the surprise for my parents, I have to go back to reading and studying. LOL.

But I can't complain. Life has been kind to me. God has never forsaken me.

I am a blessed soul.


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    on the net. I'm going to recommend this site!

  2. Tita G, the partying tita. I wish I had her life. I usually tell people that I wake up late in the day because I worked all night long. I wanna party like that too. Hahaha!

    I think you are in full control of your life. You should be happy that despite all these things, you are the one determining your future happiness. Lalim ng hugot eh. hahaha!


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