The Lesson to be Learned.

What is between me and airports and airlines this year?

I was suppose to go to Kansai Airport today but I ended up in Osaka Airport today. Only to realize that I have no more time to get to the other airport on time for my flight. I am so doomed.

Then, I took a deep breath.
Usually, Peach flights are delayed. But I dont think I would take the option to call the Peach hotline and inform them that I will be late. Such a way to broadcast my stupidity.

Took another deep breath.

Logged onto the internet. Cancelled the flight. Booked another flight.
Byebye, Yen worth two pairs of Onitsuka shoes! I should have known.

Then, my friend called me in asking if I am willing to take a modular project regarding educational management, willing to pay for an immediate completion of the modules. The amount to be collected will be some amount to cover for the unexpected expense I had done today.

God is still good to me.

For one, my mistake was just due to complacency. I should have checked. I should have. But I didn't take a minute to do. I costed me so much. But that is the lesson to be learned.

On flights, check the details, hours before leaving the house or any place of departure. My memory may be good, but still, it is better to check. There is no harm in doing so. There is more harm in being too dependent in memory.

I am taking this story as lightly as possible. But maybe if it is the negative me that is above all else, I probably be sulking, self-pitying and just feeling so bad about my life.

I am owning my mistake and I am at some point thankful that I didn't have to drag anybody else with me on this. It would have been a different story.

For now, I am taking getting into that little airbus again. My not-so favorite air vehicle because of its limited space and very loud noise produced while on flight.

Still grateful for the time, for the costly lessons and opportunity to explore.

Getting back to my second home with a some tears building up my eyes as I pray for the good results of the test, a renewed ways on how to deal with local and international flights and life in itself.

2019 had been a somersault of surprises, successes and many things to look forward for growth in 2020.

Osaka trip 2019, what a trip you have been. Such a story to tell.


  1. That hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood), but sometimes, airport can be confusing. We have three airports in my area, and one of my friends drove to the wrong one. Good thing she had enough time to rectify that situation and still made it to the right airport in time for her flight. But as you said, we learn from our experiences.


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