The list goes on.

I have been trying to go out more often recently. Gained a few people I can hangout with and since I am single, in a social context, the conversation will always go to that question of:

What am I looking for in a man as a life partner?

I realized that I really have no clear preferences or descriptive illusion of how and who and what I wanna be with.

I would like to think that I am comfortable being single, but admittedly, on the deepest of me, I am still longing for someone. Specially now, where I am, actually I am surrounded by good pairs and it makes me wonder if will I ever have one for myself. I am praying for one for myself.

I remember writing a few personal articles about what I want in a man and maybe it is about time to a re-writing, just so the wish doesn't disappear and also we should never underestimate the power of visualization of the the future we want.

The Non-Negotiables

1. I want someone who treats his mom and family in general warmly and nicely. Not afraid to express affection and respect for his parents and the entire family. It tells a lot about what kind of relationships he had built over the years.

2. I want someone whom I do not need to impress. I have insecurities in life and self-doubts but as much as possible, I try not to make it be the driving forces of my being. It is such a tough battle inwardly and having someone beside me that would forgive me about minor mistakes and would encourage me to just be myself, that really means so much.

3. I want someone who won't mind me being clingy at times.

4. I want someone who would correct me in private and would affirm me in public.

5. I want someone who is also growing in his chosen passion that can serve others. Being generous in different forms for me is such a major turn on.

6. I'll think of something else.... More to come. LOL.

7. I want someone who can be spontaneous and adventurous at times and yet would also like slowdown weekends at home.

8. I want someone who is physically neat and smells good.

The Negotiables

1. He doesn't have to rich, but he has to be someone who can manage his finances.

2. Not too handsome, coz then we might end up as competitors for the same specie.

3. Either a good cook or a good food critique. I am not really a fan of a the kitchen, but I also love to try cooking every now and then.

4. Height and Physique. At least someone tall enough with broad chest and shoulders that can be good for an embrace. I seem to have weak knees for those that look like the prince charming in fairytale books, but I have learned. He doesn't exist in real life.

5. Age gap. At least no generational gap. LOL. If he is someone younger than me, as long as he would at least look older than me. LOLOLOLOL. If he is someone older than me, as long as he doesn't look like an uncle or a father next to me. BWAHAHA.

So Dear Future Boyfriend,

I know you are someone out there, you probably know me already or would want to know me more.



  1. It's good to have a list and to know what you want. Words do have power. I do hope you'll meet this man at the right time and at the right place.


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