There's Hope

There’s Hope
India Arie

I thought that I needed a lot
A little was over rated,
but a lot was a little too complicated
You see-Zero didn't satisfy me
A million didn't make me happy
That's when I learned a lesson
That it's all about your perception
Hey-are you a pauper or a superstar
So you act, so you feel, so you are
It ain't about the size of your car
It's about the size of the faith in your heart

There's hope
It doesn't cost a thing to smile
You don't have to pay to laugh
You better thank God for that

There's hope

[Verse 2:]
Off in the back country of Brazil
A met a young brother that made me feel
That I could accomplish anything.
You see just like me he wanted to sing
He had no windows and no doors
He lived a simple life and was extremely poor
On top of all of that he had no eye sight,
but that didn't keep him from seein' the light
He said, what's it like in the USA,
and all I did was complain
He said-livin' here is paradise
He taught me paradise is in your mind
You know that


Every time I turn on the T.V. (There's Hope)
Somebody's acting crazy (There's Hope)
If you let it, it will drive you crazy (There's Hope)
but I'm takin' back my power today (There's Hope)
Gas prices they just keep on rising (There's Hope)
The government they keep on lying
but we gotta keep on surviving
Keep living our truth and do the best we can do


Stand up for your rights [echo]
Keep shining your light [echo]
And show the world your smile [echo]



  1. ganda ng message ahh! napaka inspiring saka chill lang ung melody at voice nya soothing
    hmm ang weird parang nakita ko na to,

    1. Ahihihi... ako kahapon lang. Ang nice dba.....

  2. ngayon ko lang nabasa ung lyrics nito. at ngayon ko lang sya napakinggan.

    1. Gako din, kahapon lang. And it felt good, i thought of sharing the good vibes and nice song.

  3. Beautiful message dear. I love this!

    1. Yes :) I actually play it na every mornings simula nung malaman ko tong song.

  4. Wow, ganda ng message ng kanta. Indeed, there's hope everyday!

    1. Yep :) and the life of india arie is also inspiring...

  5. I love India Arie super malaman ang message ng mga songs nya specially the song "I AM NOT MY HAIR"

    1. Yep! i have listened to her songs and they are all inspiring.

  6. inspiring ang lyrics. ill listen to her song one of these days. gabi na kasi diko ma play ;-)

  7. ay narinig ko na. ang dali nyang matutunon. easy lang yung rhythm. ;-)

  8. Ganda ng lyrics nakaka good vibes :)

    Kanta kanta din pag may time :P

  9. Yeah, my head is moving on the beat. Hehehe


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