Promise to Kepler

After the Filemon Mamon storytelling activity:
Pupil H: Cher, babalik ka pa ba sa susunod? Magtuturo ka pa samin?
Me: Oo, simula sa Wednesday, lagi na tayo mag-aaral.

Dear Keplerettes,
I would like to apologize for being not being in your class always. It must have been hard for you to see me yet not feel that I am there for you. My thoughts had been so centered on the idea that you are all non-readers and that I had to modify every lesson to suit your lack of power in reading. Having that in mind always, I ought not to teach you Science but let your Reading Teacher take over our should-have-been time together. For this misconception, I am deeply sorry.

I want you to know that I enjoy every teaching moment in your class. Aside from the fact that your class size is smaller compared to others, I realized that your wittiness and enthusiasm to learn is just the same with other kids your age. I had completely disregarded that. Again, I am sorry. I should have been one of those who push you to work harder and make you believe in yourself but silently, I had been one of those who had been putting you down. I almost forgot why I am here as your teacher.

It’s not yet too late. We still have three quarters to go and I promise you that everything will be better moving forward. We will sing, we will laugh, we will READ. Every Science class will be a happy class.

For the meantime, let us miss each other as an early long vacation is ahead of us.

Cher Kat 


  1. Promise is a promise... buti pa kayo may long vacation... inggit ako :(

    1. Umuwi kna kuya mar!!!

      Oo, its a promise that will be fulfilled :) excited na ko para sa aming lahat :)


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