New Project

Hello WordPress!
This is my first time to seriously explore WP as I had taken responsibility of blogging about our new endeavor in school.
Keplerettes had been chosen to test a certain program inside the classroom that involves the use of tablets and a local wireless software. I’m pretty much excited about it and how it would really accelerate the learning pace of my kids. The class we had chosen to use the tablets composed of non-readers promoted to third grade. As to how they were allowed to be promoted on to the next level is something we are still asking ourselves. But since their promotion had been accepted, what we can do right now is intervene and help them be ready hopefully for the next grade level.
Technology had been proven to improve services and better the lives of human beings with its proper use and disposal. With that in mind, with an effective design and functionality, the programmers, funders and, us, teachers do hope that with the use of this program, we can accelerate their learning and have them equipped with whatever academic skills they need.
Since the program is still in its beta testing level, what we will try to see is how effective the design, the operations, and basically, the effect of this kind of technology to the behavior, academic achievement and improvement of the learners.
The updates would be up in the WordPress website. But I would still try to make personal posts about it on my personal blog site in Blogger. The url will be posted as soon as I had finalized the design and other description.
For the meantime, I welcome me in WordPress!
To more writing activities and sharing of experiences.
To more learning and more fun activities in school and online!


  1. Sa WordPress ka naman nagkakalat ng lagim huh. *haha*
    See you tomorrow Babykat! :)

    1. I know right. Something new na naman! :) See yah!

    2. haha! lagim talaga eh. naks. wumoWordPress na.

  2. I used to have a blog in Word Press. It was nice. But I think is more versatile that's why i started blogging here. But i heard Wordpress has introduced new stuff. Anyway, have a nice trip on the otherside of the blogosphere!


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