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I thought I had my life all planned out. I thought I already know what will happen with me in the coming years, I know what I want, what I need and who I want to be. I really thought I do.

But here I am know, staring at my paper, holding a pencil on my left hand with nothing to write, I try to write something, but I erase it eventually. Then, nothing is in there anymore. This is my first assignment with the 6-month mentorship program I am currently under. It aims to re-design and match the skills and leadership skills we have acquired from the two years of teaching in a public school to our chosen hopefully lifelong careers after this experience.

Before our second meeting sometime this month, I have to make a layout of my life. From my current age up to the age I could ideally live.

Typing this post seems to be a lot easier than doing my life map.

Where do I start?
What do I start with?
How do I start all over again?
Do I really want to start over again?

This time, my personal challenge is to pick that LIFELONG career. That something I wouldn’t get tired of doing every single day.

Nobody is pressuring me but myself.

Hmmm.. Yeah, I am a 15-yr old girl, trapped in a 28-yr old's body. LOL.
But seriously, that's up to my ideal age of 76 I am working on.
It’s not really hard to design my life if I start from a few years from now. What I am having doubts and second thoughts with is what to do after April 2015.

Even if I choose to stay where I am now, after April 2015, it’s going to be an all new journey as my colleagues and those people I took the two years with are deciding to take a brand new paths.

What I like about it is the idea that I can start all brand new. More equipped. More support. More positive.

My career should be able to support and jive with my personal, family and travel desires. My mentor calls this an iMap. On the photo you will see the first three years of my life. From where I am now up to the next two years which I feel are so crucial as I build my career and go with my plans. 

Any time soon, on one of my "paggising, bangon agad" moments, I will tell myself that thing I will never get tired of doing every day of my life. For the meantime, I just gotta do what I have to do every day and do it to the best of my ability. So I will have stories to share and more things to learn from the kids inside my classroom.  


  1. Very interesting. I wished I had made an iMap of what I really want to do and how I should proceed in doing such life long endeavours. Kung may nagturo lamang ng daan then I won't be having regrets. Teaching had been accidental for me and I ended for many years doing the same thing. What makes me alive though are the children, and their love to me as a teacher. I feel it everyday.

    May I suggest that you do what your heart desire first since you are still young. If earning money will make your other ambitions feasible then do so. Once you had experience more of life then you could go back to teaching. I ended teaching because it was the only thing I knew before without exerting effort of trying other things. I wasn't brave enough and I never questioned myself.

    In my school, most of the teachers before were not teachers. They all came from different backgrounds from an office secretary, former supermarket supervisor, or even a beautician. But they became teachers because of two things: they were all moms and that they are good with children. You could be a teacher again even after your corporate life, motherhood, or other work you intend to enter.

    I wish you all the best. If you want to be a teacher though, as in for a long time, then we talk again. We can do a lot of other things all related to teaching.

    1. Of course I can still talk to you Cher Jo about a lot of other things aside from teaching. Your wisdom extends beyond the spectrum of education. You have a lot of share, be it experience in teaching, travel, life itself and living :D

      I am not turning my back on education, I am deeply in debt to how being educated had made me where I am today. With passion and patience comes along practicality.

      I wanted to give more just like how generous you are to the people around you. In time, who knows, we might even partner in doing a worthwhile cause all for the education of the Filipino children :)

  2. Getting everything already planned out might seem quite boring. It would be healthy if you also make an allowance for unforeseeable things, especially mistakes. :)

    1. One key to success of highly effective people daw ay yung beginning with the end in mind. I-try ko nga kung effective. Haha..

      It may look planned out but really, when we try to reach our goals, there will always be unexpected concerns and there comes adventure.

      Spontaneity will always play a great part in our lives, once in a while, it should never become a habit because with that, it will miss it's element of surprise. But it's still better to wake up every morning with something to look forward to.

    2. You could say the same when writing a story. When you begin, of course you need to already know how it will end. But the important part is not the beginning and the end. It's what happens in the middle.

      Ganito ako lagi. I enjoy the part when I am planning how to begin and end my stories. But I enjoy more the part when I actually write it. I discover things I haven't thought in the 'planning stage'. And there are times when I deviate from my plans, and I enjoy the changes nonetheless.

      Anong konek ng litanya ko? Well, writing a story is like living your life, you are the author of both.

    3. that's the point, you already know how it will end. Just like what I want to discover in myself right now. But of course, it will never unfold as planned. Kaya nga din sya tinawag na plan kasi it's subject to change, alter or not even happen at all.

      Discovery, detours and even new roads will show up as we take the life journey. For now, I am enjoying the middle part of life that I am losing sight of the end part of it. So, that's it.. Im trying to figure out how the enjoyment should become fruitful and worthwhile for me and for others :D :D

      Miss you na!!! Sobra!!! :*

  3. nakakapressure naman ito mam.
    pero yeah ako rin akala ko dati alam ko na ang gusto ko kaso minsan ang hirap din talaga kapag tumatanda, mag-iiba ang mga priorities and suddenly the future becomes bewildering and confusing dahil hindi mo na makita kung what lies ahead.

    hay growing up. haha

    1. Nakaka-pressure talaga diba? :( :(

      Ang totoo, gusto ko lang naman yumaman. Yung magkakaroon ako ng ability to spen on my personal needs and wants and then walang habas na mamigay ng pera sa mga mahal ko sa buhay at sa mga advocacies ko sa buhay. hehehe

      As we go along our lives, learn new things and meet new people, siguradong maraming bagay na makakakuha ng ating interests kaya importante na alam natin kung ano talaga ang gusto natin. Ang hirap naman kasi na simula lang ng simula ng walang natatapusan.

      Anjan ako sa point na yan. Ive been starting careers eversince not really mastering into one. At this moment, yun ang goal ko, ang mapili at makapagdesisyon kung ano ang major goal at nang magkaron ng mas malalim na kapararakan ang buhay ko. HEHEHE

    2. Ganyan yang si Yccos eh, mahilig i-pressure ang sarili. lol

  4. that's the thing abt life, we have to take it slowly.. one step at a time, no need to bother ourselves with the future. we may not have an idea of what to come next, but at least, we'll be surprised.

    1. take it slow to a certain destination.. kelangan laging may destination. Mahirap naman kasi kung wala yun. Unless ang purpose talaga ng journey ay yung exploration mismo :D Baka ganun din ang purpose ko! Char! HAHAHA

  5. Napapaisip din tuloy ako hahaha :)

    Sa totoo lang, humahanga ako sa mga tao na hindi takot o nangangamba sa mga plano nila sa buhay. Minsan kasi kapag nag-iisip ako about my life, nari-realize ko na yung plano ko ay hindi dahil gusto ko, kundi para makasabay sa 'agos'. Kaya tinitigilan ko, hehehe. Lagi kong hinahanap yung moment na magpa-plano ako sa buhay ko base sa kung paano ko gustong mabuhay sa sarili kong paraan at hindi para may 'masabi' na may narating din ako kumpara sa iba or 'nakasabay' din ako sa galaw nila.

    Kaya good luck and God bless sa atin cher Kat! Nakaka-excite naman na nakaka-kaba :)

  6. hay nku teh..napapaisip tuloy ako ng bongga..hahaha..I'm planning to the plan thingy before i go 30. pero parang di cary ko..I'm not good in sanctioning my life...hahaha!

    Pero good luck te! miss yah! hope to see you soon:)


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