I am broke so I spent a weekend in CDO!

Why I chose CDO? I really don't know. Then, while I was there, I knew all of a sudden.

As soon as I clicked the send button with the email that I had chosen CDO, I really never thought it will ever happen. After a few more days, I received an email with the instruction on how I can get to Cagayan de Oro for free!

Still, I had another problem, what will I do in CDO? Relatives from my grandmother's side had all moved to the US so, contacting them about my sudden trip will not be advisable. I decided to contact Lala, of Telelalahbells, to ask how I could go around the city for a day and what are some advisable things to do while visiting the city. Just the city. I had no plans of going whitewater rafting, or that great zipline because, I have no funds. Remember my previous post? It's all about me being broke at the moment.

Lala, as we all know her, responded enthusiastically and all of a sudden had made an outline of a tour where I could go to while in the city. I said that I was just planning to stay for a day because I have no place to stay. Her friend whom I have never met before was kind enough to offer their house where I can stay overnight.

All set. Booked and I can't really say I was ready. I was a bit of scared. Though I had done lone trip before, it was not like this. I had everything settled, a hotel booking, a map and a list of places where I plan to go. But this one is way, way different. I am putting my trust on a friend I had met though blogging. I am nervous but I am confident that everything will be fine.

Friday had been a long day. Teaching hours in the morning. Seminar workshop for bully kids in the afternoon. A restaurant review in the evening. Laundry. Packing up. Cleaning and checking and re-checking of myself if I really want to do this.

I tried to get an hour of sleep. Since it was the first flight, I had to leave the house an hour past midnight just to make it there two hours before the departure. A few more hours, I am stepping out of the plane, breathing that cold fresh air of Mindanao. Hello Cagayan De Oro of Misamis Oriental Province!

While I wanted to tell you a lot about how my 2-day and 1-night stay had gone, I am more eager to share my realizations about this adventure.


                                                        1. It's good to have friends from everywhere! 
               One of the reasons why I pushed through with the CDO trip was because of Lala. She had responded to my queries very happily and that got me excited.

2.  It's good to have the feeling of fear, but the feeling of overcoming that fear should be stronger. 
              It's my first time to go on a trip without a big budget and first time I will meet these people personally.

3. No matter how cruel this world is, we get to meet wonderful people along the way. 
            I had stayed at Kuya Pep's house. There live with him are his younger sister and his mother. Their place had been one of the badly affected areas by Sendong. I can see that they are trying their best to get things back to normal but I can also feel that it's really sometimes hard to get back on track. A bit frustrating as well sometimes. I had also come to know that Kuya Pep is connected with an international humanitarian organization with whom one of my close friends work for! He was suppose to be deployed in Albay however, some things had change and he decided to stay in CDO for awhile until he gets to figure out how to pick up himself from some personal battles he is going through. He was the reason why we were able to spend time with the kids at Boys Town CDO. If he was in Albay, I would never get to meet him.

4. Adventure can only happen if you are blending in with the right people. 
             My stay in CDO had been memorable because people I had been with made me feel very welcome. They were so fun to be with and it's good to see how bonded they are. I am thankful that they let me in the circle even just for a few days. Imee had been the one who took my pictures! This is the first time that I have lots of pictures on a trip! It usually is me who takes the photos! John also brought me a lot of White Rabbit candies! I had never seen White Rabbit candies for a while and imagine my surprise when he he gave me one and did bring more the following day.  Their company had made my CDO stay a memorable one.

5. Kids say the most hilarious things!
             I met Joseph, 12 years old, it's his first week of stay during our visit at Boys Town CDO. His parting words was, "Makikita kita sa TV mamaya!" I dont know what to reply. Hahahaha.
The Boys of CDO Boys Town

6. I am going back to CDO!
             My stay had been very pleasant but I know that there are still things left undone. Apart from the tourist spots that I ought to visit, I really want to come back because I think I need to go back to Boys Town and visit those kids again. Specially Joseph. He was one tough, positive boy. He was the first one I spoke with and the last one who bid me goodbye.
Til we see each other again dear friends!

My CDO trip is a story that is one for the books. My books. My story. My blog.

Another story of gratefulness worth-sharing and worth-looking back when I grow older.

Yeah, I am broke so I spent a weekend in CDO and I am grateful!


  1. wwooott!! d best ang mga unplanned na lakad!!! hahaha masaya kami lahat u came to visit our place & medyo bitin lang yong time but hopefully next time ibang adventure na naman!! yong tipong may patambling2x at pagulong gulong na! hahahaha ayoko na habaan ang comment ko dito dahil baka maging blog ko na ito! hahahahaha ito lang talaga - u made us all happy & grateful kami na nakilala ka namin personally lalo naman ako kasi syempre we only met here sa blog so diba ito na ndi na ako drawing!! hahahahaha yon lang eh! chos!! hahahaha

    1. Kapag ikaw naman ang nandito, its another adventure :) :)

  2. If ever you go back, sama mo ako, that is if I am there in Manila too. I am glad you made a number of realizations with just one trip and meeting fantastic people makes us grow. More power Cher Kat and this is a happy post, a very happy one. Inggit much!

    1. Lets Piso Fare! Hahaha. Di ko lang talaga ma-timingan. Pwede naman tayo magplan ng trip pero kelangan mga 6 months before, maplan na natin! CDO na ba? Camiguin? Bukidnon? Hehehe

  3. Replies
    1. eehh... sige, pastel pag nagkita tayo :P

  4. wow naman, mukhang exciting nga. sana matry ko din mga ganyang experience. >_<

    1. Super exciting! Sama ko ha! Hahaha

  5. amazing! hehehe ka-level mo na si Dora cher Kat!

    1. Dora nga daw ako sabi ng mama ko... ahahaha....! Kaso nagdecide na kong magpahaba ng buhok eh :P

    2. Konting paaraw pa cher kat at dorang dora ka na. hahaha! Joke lang!

  6. Replies
    1. i know :) pag pupunta ka ng CDO, sya agad hanapin mo. Hahaha

  7. Ang sarap naman! haha I have never been to CDO pero you make it sound so good. I-resolution na yan!

    1. Ayun oh! Lets! Di ko pa alam kung kelan ako makakabalik, pero sana soon.. I hoping to give books at Boys Town kasi yung mga books nila nasira ng mga previous users. They dont have a library at the moment.

  8. Saya naman ng adventure!

    Hello, Lala!



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